In Plain Sight

Season 2 Episode 2

In My Humboldt Opinion

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 26, 2009 on USA
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Mary is being interviewed by a psychiatrist. At the same time a witness refuses to testify without marijuana to help with his social anxiety.

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  • In Plain Sight 'In My Humboldt Opinion' Review


    this is exactly the type of material I appreciate in a series and it is most often rarely seen.

    In Plain Sight manages to pull off a consistent 'Wow' of a Season 2! Giving us as viewers two consecutive installments, In My Humboldt Opinion, included.

    Mary is now finding her way around her old job and she has 'The Newbie' Eleanor to deal with. As Mary tried to adapt to her surroundings and deal with her past struggles, Eleanor's new furniture arrangement wasn't cutting it. Good Mary was gone and B***** Mary was back, giving Eleanor competition for the 'bossy' title she wanted to claim. I smiled when Eleanor confronted Mary about her bossiness, saying that Mary cannot intimidate her, which is funny because by her saying that, Mary probably does intimidate her... as she did everyone. Everyone loves Mary, despite her ways and Eleanor had to earn her stripes, being the 'Newbie' and all!

    In this week's case, Mary had to deal with a typical hypochondriac (Jerry); an owner of a marijuana plant testifying against his buyers. I found it surprising that he had a family; a wife and two children.

    I didn't really understand how his family put up with his drug-use; taking marijuana to stay sane, especially around the children. Was he always high on marijuana when he met his wife, how far did his condition date back? Was it his personality on or off marijuana she fell in love with?

    None-the-less, Jerry is afraid to speak on the witness stand... off the marijuana , and decides to take his life to prevent himself from testifying. So how much did he love his family if he was willing to take his own life and fake Amnesia?

    Mary, Mary, Mary, she sure brought out the real Jerry. Giving him petty threats and then babying him in the end; attaching what appeared to be a smiley face on his microphone in court. At least she got him in court.

    While he was on the stand, Jerry took a little while to give his name on introduction, he also looked like a child.

    On a real note, given "Boston Legal" Knowledge of a typical case in court, wouldn't the opposing party be aware of his marijuana usage. Prosecution could prosecute Jerry, someone with his mental state would say anything anyone told him to say... like Mary perhaps.

    "Psst Jerry make sure and point out the guys that look the most guilty *wink*"

    Anyway, we didn't really get to see the prosecuting side and it was cool watching a frailly Jerry in court. I give credit to the scene where Mary placed the smiley sticker on his microphone and the point where he didn't need the smiley anymore.

    The scenes with Mary and her analyst were well played; another intrusion into Mary's lifestyle which Mary took on surprisingly better than Eleanor.

    It was fun watching her analyst always writing in her note pad.

    Mary - "What could you possibly be writing"

    They actually formed a brief friendship-I guess; in the end. Then again if you look at the other side of the coin, Mary had to be nice to her, she held Mary's continuation at work in the palm of her hands, which encouraged Mary to behave a bit better to everyone. I loved how Mary fancied up her words when she was talking to Jerry.

    Mary - "Just giving you something to write" :D

    As for Mary's family, Jinx was back to her old crazy self- well alcoholic that is and Brandi was well changing her life, trying to go to school again, trying to become more civilized like Mary - a bit.

    Eleanor sort of earned her stripes as well, breaking up the argument in the office, McQueen actually acted like a boss and who saw that Eleanor and McQueen thing coming?

    Finally we get to see Ralph and their relationship has picked up heat again. Hmm, asking Mary to pass him a towel!


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    Four and a Half out of Five Stars

    Grade A

  • Mary shows an objective observer what she can do

    Mary is assigned a psych evaluator to observe her in all facets of her day, while she deals with a the usual homefront issues and a challenging case of a pot farm with social anxiety so strong he would rather die than talk in open court in front of strangers. Appropriately named Jinx gets another DWI, and Brandi continues to be the needy flakey bubble head that she is. Eleanor continues to clash with Mary in a big way in the office (interesting dynamics there!). So Mary has to deal with all that on top of having this psychologist follow her around and watch and analyse her every move. What was so wonderful about this was episode was that the psychologist was not your typical negative tv stereotype of a bureaucratic powertripping narrowminded psychologist, but rather is a very grounded and wise person, who provides an interesting viewpoint on Mary and how she deals with her life. good one!moreless
  • A pot farmer and his family are in the witness program so he can testify against his partners who killed a DEA agent. Only problem, he can function only when he's stoned! Mary has a psychologist assigned to follow her around and observe her behavior.moreless

    Pretty neat to have things more back to normal. Mary's back to pushing everyone around and patronizing her mother and sister just like always. The funny thing is we just didn't realize that was what she was doing most of the time. This was a very revealing episode about Mary herself. How she functions, how she copes with her surroundings, and how she relates with the different people she works and lives with.

    I enjoyed the scenes with the psychologist and thought they handled that very well. I also appreciated her viewpoint at the end. Mary does do her job very well and it is what keeps her sane at the same time. Watching Mary with her family is very revealing and is the obvious headache in her life. Very insightful.

    This weeks witness was a hoot. The man needs to be on a constant high or he cannot function. I have had friends like that. The scene at "Bob's Burger" was very funny especially when he had to add Mary's large Diet Coke at the end. Also the scene in the lift where he thought he was being strafed! You realize he wasn't afraid to testify against those men, he was afraid to experience the situation and the fear that came with having to be straight and functioning to do it. It was great how Mary finally got through to him in the end.

    I take back what I said about the office manager last week. She is the bomb! It seems we are not through with the FBI officer and really aren't they going to clean up her house?

    Let's face it, Mary was through an ordeal that most people would take a long time to recover from. Any change from the norm is hard enough for her in the first place but it is easy to see how she would have trouble being receptive to any changes right now even more.

    Finally I was wondering if and how they were going to make her aware of what a great guy Raph really is. The bit with the towels was great. Of course she is a detective so she figured it out pretty fast. It was good to see that ending. He deserves her and she deserves him. They are both good people!

    It's good to have Mary back and working like normal again.

    Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Amnesia? Nah..

    Well, we can write off a possible sophomore slump for In Plain Sight as it has opened up its second season with two really good episodes. This episode focused on one of the more underrated and underappreciated parts of the show; its serious nature. We all know Fred Weller and Mary McCormack are hilarious together, and while there were a few cheap laughs, this was about the case and its importance. Shows can benefit by such an austere plot, yet few realize that and capitalize on it the way the USA Network original series did tonight.

    Definitely one of my favorite episodes thus far and one of the best TV shows on a loaded Sunday lineup.moreless
Kevin Rankin

Kevin Rankin

Jerry Royal/Jerry Rogan

Guest Star

Amanda Foreman

Amanda Foreman

Grace Royal/Grace Rogan

Guest Star

Ali Marsh

Ali Marsh

Dr. Shelley Finkel

Recurring Role

Holly Maples

Holly Maples

Eleanor Prince

Recurring Role

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    • Mary: (voice over) I wonder how it can be, all of us quaking cowards, hiding under covers one day, storming beaches the next. Shrinking violets impossibly frail. Our best days spent unquestioned, hurtling into hail storms. The rest just spent. Opposite extremes, apt definitions of the same thing, an inexplicable paradox perhaps best left in a bowl full of kibble to be lapped up by Schrodinger's cat.

    • Shelly: So here's the deal. I've never met anyone as good at their job as you.
      Mary: Yeah, I don't suck.
      Shelly: I've also never met anyone living day-in, day-out, with as much stress as you and obviously that's a big concern. Normally, under conditions like these, I would insist on at least a month off with counseling to try to alleviate some of this stress. However, I have come to believe that this job is your let-off valve. It's literally the thing that keeps you sane.
      Mary: Does that mean I can keep working?
      Shelly: It does under two conditions. The first being that you call me once a week, or the second that you feel like things are getting out of hand.
      Mary: Ok, what's the other condition?
      Shelly: That you cut yourself some slack. Because no matter how hard you try to prove you're a good girl, make everything right, solve every problem, your father is not coming back.
      Mary: How do you know?

    • Shelly: And how do you expect to accomplish that?
      Mary: I thought it was obvious by now, that I have no idea what I'm doing.

    • Shelly: Boyfriend?
      Mary: No, I'm emotionally closed off and incapable of romantic attachments.

    • Marshall: This is a really bad idea Stan, no sane person is going to let her work with firearms.

    • Marshall: What happened? Did Mary yell at someone already?

  • NOTES (2)


    • Marshall Mann: All right, way to rally the troops. You are a regular Henry the Fifth.

      This is Mann's reference to one of the most famous speeches that King Henry V gave before the battle on Saint Crispen's Day in Shakespeare's play Henry V.