In Plain Sight

Season 3 Episode 7

Love's Faber Lost

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 12, 2010 on USA

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  • Only one word for this episode.....Lacking!

    In this episode of In Plain Sight, the following happens. When a woman gets arrested for fraud, she makes a deal and goes into witness protection. Mary quickly believes that she is holding things back, and in time we learn that this is in fact the case. Mike Faber returns in this episode, and he still seems to have a thing for Mary.
    Overall this episode was really disappointing. I was expecting better but the story was lacking and Marshall was sent away so there was no comedy. Overall not really an enjoyable episode, but at least now it's over, and we are all safe in the knowledge that Marshall is back and next week's episode will hopefully be an improvement.
  • love faber's lost

    "Love Faber's Lost" is the title for this episode, and I probably would have liked things better if MMA fighter Urijah Faber showed up.

    Tonight we saw the return of FBI agent Mike Faber, a character played by Steven Weber, a guy who hasn't been funny since Wings ended. While I am all for a romance with Mary that does not involve Raph, this is not what I want for the leading lady.

    But ignoring that this was just a mediocre episode from top to bottom. The backstory was about as cliched as they come, and we did not even get that great a pay off for it. Even by Season 3 standards this is not a good In Plain Sight.
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