In Plain Sight

Season 2 Episode 10

Miles to Go

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2009 on USA

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  • Witness Ed wants visitation with his son Miles, Brandi finds herself dealing with a homeless guy.

    Miles To Go

    Two men are unloanding a Refrifgerator Car of fish at Midnightwhen night guard Ed Pockerates is looking at telescopes, talking about his kid Miles and generally having a good time with them.

    They laugh about what a good father he is, and he continues on his nightly rounds.

    When Ed comes back to find them loading something into burlap bags, the workers threaten to shoot him, he threatens to drop a load of frozen fish on their car (a Spyder)... Into WitSec he goes - but...what where is his son Miles?

    Meanwhile Brandi feels herself a hero when she gets a sick, homeless Navajo to the hospital, and discovers what he was suffering from.
  • Mary's witness is concerned about his missing son, Miles. Mary & Co want to help to find him.

    While I liked this episode, it struck me a little oddly. After a while, I was really starting to hope that the kids *was* real. It seemed odd that this guy was able to turn in these same bad guys for smuggling goods, yet he was able to live in a state of believing that he had an imaginary son to the point of even having imaginary cellphone conversations with and about him in front of the same guys who'd smuggled the people in. Then there was the storyline with Brandi and the Native American man wherein she worked very hard to save him. I get the connection, they were both (Mary & Brandi) working to save someone. And in their own ways they both did. But it didn't quite feel like the In Plain Sight that I'm used to. Also, Marshal and the Shrink Lady. Cute.
  • Another good episode.

    After last week's strong episode the crew of In Plain Sight gave us another stellar offering this past Sunday night. The show seems to have found its groove as of late and has found the correct mixture of comedy and nail-biting, gripping drama to dominate the Sunday night TV world (well, until most shows return from their summer hiatus).

    David Denman, mostly known as Roy from NBC's The Office, gave a good guest appearance here as a man who has lost everything, most importantly his mind. These kinds of witnesses allow us to see the softer, more compassionate side of Mary which is a nice change of pace in itself as opposed to the disgruntled, witty personality we get combatting with her female co-worker at headquarters (not that that is not enjoyable, however).

    I still do not like just about anything that Brandi does, but at least her storyline here was not too time consuming.
  • When a security guard catches a group of car smugglers he enters the witness protection program. When he asks about visitation with his young son Miles all hell breaks loose as there are no records of him having a son or even showing one ever existed.

    Very difficult show to produce and keep on track. I give the writers and actors credit for keeping this one as straight as they did. Unfortunately the weirdness of the episode sort of overrode the entertainment value of the acting and the interaction.

    Mary, Marshall, Stan, and Eleanor where great in this episode. Doctor Shelley Finkle is back played by Ali Marsh and this time she seems much more relaxed and very interested in Marshall. I think my favorite scene was by far the slip by Stan when he called Eleanor "hun" in front of Mary and Marshall. Talk about a pregnant pause. The look between Mary and Marshall and the comments were great as well.

    Ed Fogerty played by David Denmam was very committed to the idea that his son was missing and the Marshal's had to find him. Through the twists and turns he almost had you convinced in the end. Luckily through the teams work and Shelley's valuable assistance they were able to deduce the truth and solve the problem in the end.

    I think someone can be absolutely convinced of anything if they keep telling themselves it was true. The guy had a really bad experience and choose to cover it up in a story that really delayed getting him the help he needed. Hopefully there would be a healing process and he can move forward with help.

    This episode struggled to entertain but the psychological twists were a little difficult to accept and in the end probably dropped the entertainment value of the performances. Thanks for reading...
  • over the top melodrama.

    Not as good as usual. Usually I like the melodrama but this time it just seemed too much. And that's both the witness plot and the Brandi subplot. I don't know what the whole Brandi and the old navaho guy thing was about - do other people get it? maybe it's leading to something but it seemed un-finished to me. And the witness thing seemed too cliche. I just didn't believe it - the guy and this little fantasy he made up because he saw something too traumatic - it didn't seem to fit with the guy's character. so, IMO not the greatest ep of IPS. one of my least favourite so far actually.
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