In Plain Sight

Season 2 Episode 10

Miles to Go

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 28, 2009 on USA

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  • When a security guard catches a group of car smugglers he enters the witness protection program. When he asks about visitation with his young son Miles all hell breaks loose as there are no records of him having a son or even showing one ever existed.

    Very difficult show to produce and keep on track. I give the writers and actors credit for keeping this one as straight as they did. Unfortunately the weirdness of the episode sort of overrode the entertainment value of the acting and the interaction.

    Mary, Marshall, Stan, and Eleanor where great in this episode. Doctor Shelley Finkle is back played by Ali Marsh and this time she seems much more relaxed and very interested in Marshall. I think my favorite scene was by far the slip by Stan when he called Eleanor "hun" in front of Mary and Marshall. Talk about a pregnant pause. The look between Mary and Marshall and the comments were great as well.

    Ed Fogerty played by David Denmam was very committed to the idea that his son was missing and the Marshal's had to find him. Through the twists and turns he almost had you convinced in the end. Luckily through the teams work and Shelley's valuable assistance they were able to deduce the truth and solve the problem in the end.

    I think someone can be absolutely convinced of anything if they keep telling themselves it was true. The guy had a really bad experience and choose to cover it up in a story that really delayed getting him the help he needed. Hopefully there would be a healing process and he can move forward with help.

    This episode struggled to entertain but the psychological twists were a little difficult to accept and in the end probably dropped the entertainment value of the performances. Thanks for reading...