In Plain Sight

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Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 01, 2008 on USA

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  • US Marshal's busy birthday

    It tries so hard, and fails on soooooo many levels.

    Well. Mary McCormack's got a great body.

    On the other side she's not that pretty, she doesn't act that well and the character ain't that original.

    The rest of the cast doesn't help much either.

    When it comes to the writing the suspense part wasn't much to brag about, the drama part didn't catch at all and it just wasn't as funny as they hoped.

    And it was movie length. Come on. 83 minutes pilot and this is all they can come up with?

    I'll admit I laughed several times, but those laughs can't outweight the feeling of 83 minutes I'll never get back or get rewarded for in the future.

    Sorry In Plain Sight, I'll not check out the 2nd episode.
  • Great start.

    I tried the show even though I was unsure but it's a great show. The partners have a great relationship that plays off eachother. For a pilot it kept me interested and made keep my eyes on it. The lead actress is great she shines as a tough cop and her family dynamic is hilarious. The premise is a bitmore original than most crime shows. The witness protection programme is a new idea different from yet another cop show or CSI show although i love em this one is much more refreshing. Because it's on cabel it's a bit more real too. Great pilot sooo excited to see the next episode.
  • Good start.

    That's something new. We don't see much of US marshals and Federal Witness Protection Program. In the first episode we meet Mary Shannon and her shaky life. She's a tough lady and is really good at her job. Her family is an asylum sometimes, that doesn't help with her work at all.
    Mary is smart, witty and sometimes simply impossible. but she is a fantastic character. Her 'talking dirt' in this episode was hillarious. We also meet her partner Marshall Mann, he's one of the few who can stand Mary and who can be as funny as she is. I liked the pilot a lot. Hope other episodes will be even more entertaining.

    Oh, and by the way, they speak Russian in Ukraine as well. It's a first language for at least half of population.
  • The world of witness protection.

    Watching In Plain Sight I was unsure if I was going to see anything that had not been done before. The hot, but tough, female cop show concept is about as old as the Washington Monument, and being on USA meant we were going to get a bunch of weak humor, not worthy of even being said during a monologue on Craig Fergusson's show.

    Boy was I wrong. In Plain Sight, or IPS, like Doug Heffernan's company on The King of Queens, is light-hearted, but it has the makeup of any great police drama. It's got quirky characters, but pays attention to detail without boring the viewer in the process.

    The lead character Mary Shannon is likable, but because of the fact that she would be so unlikable in real life. She is stubborn, cocky and selfish, but you want to see what her next move is. Her dialogue is natural and her jokes are as witty as those of any other female on television. Mary McCormack truly does a great job with her.

    The rest of the cast is far from perfect, but they all serve their purpose and do not take the spotlight off of Mary, which is their goal.

    In Plain Sight shows promise, and if the writers can maintain the level of creativity they displayed here this could be another hit for the USA Network.
  • Meet Mary Shannon US Marshal for the Witness Protection Program in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A great place to hide people out of the way where they won't be found. We get to meet the principal characters of the show and get a feel for their interactions.

    I decided to pick this first season on DVD after I heard some good things about it. NBC's USA Network has turned out some great shows like Burn Notice and is becoming one of cables networks most watched channels.

    This pilot episode for In Plain Sight is surprising good. A very even cast with Mary McCormack as the outstanding lead character. All of the actors do a superb job and you really get a feel very quickly for the tone of each character. The episode is fast paced and well scripted with some really great dialogue.

    Mary and her partner Marshall (yes... Marshall Marshall Mann) along with Detective Dershowitz of the Albuquerque police must discover the truth in the murder of a girl and a boy in the middle of a new desert construction site. The boy turns out to be one of Mary's clients sons and now the hunt is on for the killer.

    Some nice twists and turns to the plot as we try to figure out with Mary who is responsible for the murders and whether it is related to Mary's client.

    What I really liked about this episode is the way it charges ahead with no weak moments and it is a pilot which usually is an excuse for some tentative moments. The people making this show know what they have and aren't pulling any punches in moving it forward. I believe USA has itself another great show in the league of Monk and Burn Notice. I am glad I found this show.

    Thanks for reading...
  • A good start to the season

    A new TV Show about witness protection. We opening with a man, his wife and son heading to the beach, but before they get there the father has to deliver something to one of his friends. We see him killing the "friend" and him falling out of the window and landing on his car.
    We then jump to 3 months later where we met two detectives: - Mary & her partner going to pick up a new witness. As they go to take her to her new safe house they hear about a murder and so they go there. They believe the victims may have been in Witness Protection (W.P) as he had 2 ID's on him. There was also a girl there who ass killed.
    We soon learn that boy who was murdered was the son of Frankie the man who committed murder in the first scene of this episode. In this episode we met Mary (cop) and her sister. Good balance of storyline and comedy. We met Mary on her birthday she has a surprise party, which she already knows happening and is dreading. We learn that Mary and her sister don't have a very good relationship.
  • Lighthearted, Fun and Exciting

    This show hasn't gotten the RAVE reviews that people would have expected of a summer drama. I thought it was well put together though. The characters are interesting and the dialogue is witty and clever. I enjoyed the fact that the show really jumped right in. I find it a bit curious that if a show spends too much time on character development, people view that show as slow-moving. Yet, if a show doesn't spend enough time forming their characters ... people claim that the show is poorly put together. I find this show to be neither, slow-moving or poorly put together. I find it lighthearted, fun and exciting. It kept me on the edge of my seat. It was an invigorating change from a hum-drum re-run summer.
  • We are introduced to Mary Shannon, a US Marshall. Mary investigates the murder of her witness's son.

    I think this was an excellent way to start the series. It caught my attention right away. I love how Mary seemed mean but by the end you realize it mostly just a front. It was sad that a kid/teenager was killed but sadly that is life. I really sticks your attention with all thr drama that is pointed out. Jinx, the mother, just sitting there drinking (indicating there is some abuse in her drinking) while Brandi (Mary's sister) is arguing with Raph (Mary's somewhat of a boyfriend).Then of course we learned it was Mary's birthday and she automatically claimed it to be a bad day. I really thought it was funny when Mary promises new boobs and groceries to the first witness we meet,Tasha Turischeva. Then at the end of the episode Mary brings tasha foos at 3am lol.
  • Needs time to prove itself but it might just get there...

    For the first half of the Pilot I was convinced that by the end of it I was going to be left wondering why I bothered watching in the first place. After an incredibly slow start and some annoying scenes between the lead characters, Mary and Marshall, I honestly thought they'd fluffed what could have been a great opportunity.

    As the episode wore on however, we began to see different sides to the characters and for me this actually turned out to be the shows saving grace. The dynamic between Mary and Marshall seemed to find its balance and Mary's phone sex scene with Marshall in the background rolling his eyes was fantastic – a real laugh out loud moment.

    The other characters I liked pretty much from the get go. Stan trying (and essentially failing miserably) to find Mary a suitable birthday present was a nice touch and was a bit of relief from the main storyline. Lesley Ann Warren, who I've only ever seen in "Will and Grace", was fantastic as Mary's mother and I hope she has a big part to play in the upcoming episodes. Brandy (or Squish as she's affectionately nicknamed by Mary) played the role of bratty sister to perfection, and it's obvious that she and Mary will have some real issues later on in the season. Raphael as Mary's love interest could prove to be extremely interesting and although to me they initially seemed to be an unlikely couple, their scenes later on in the episode were especially well done, without coming off as tacky.

    The plot itself in this episode was the letdown really. I honestly didn't find it particularly interesting, it was fairly predictable, but the ending was god awful. Mary finally figuring out who the killer was seemed more like an afterthought than an epiphany and was very anti climatic. Not what I'd expect for a pilot episode at all.

    Overall the actors were good and the characters likable; although I think they need to evolve a bit more as a cast, since some of the scenes felt a bit "off", but this is something I'd expect for any new show. I just hope that the writing gets better and the stories more interesting. It's strange how the sub-plots were more entertaining than the main arc of the episode. Hopefully this won't be the case next time.
  • Funny and off the wall!

    The show has the potential to being funny and cute as the main characters are like that. This stars Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon, a tough but sympathetic US Marshal who's job it is to protect witnesses in the federal witness protection thing. As it could bring out the best or the worst in her. Despite a blossoming professional life, she has one messy personal life as she must keep her job guarded. Even from her family. But her family brings out the worst in her. A mom who is a hooker. A sister who is on drugs. Really one messed up family. Marshall Marshal, a very funny name, is her sidekick and comic relief. Really pretty good show. That has the potentiel to being better.
  • I have to look away.

    I'll be honest. I gave this show a try because I think Mary McCormack is a fine actress (and quite attractive to boot). But wow was I surprised how bad this show is.

    The premise is simple. Mary Shannon works for Witness Protection and we get to view the conflicts of clients and their issues. Let me tell you what I didn't like. Mary's role is unconvincing. Too cavalier. It's okay to be humorous but please, the level of concern for her people as well as the detritus she comes in contact with is lacking. I also don't like the way they have her narrate. Let's move on...her partner is unconvincing. He seems too young and he reminds me of the Dennis Farina character on Law and Order a few years ago...he's too smart. While the story itself was interesting, the writing was sophomoric. I felt like I was watching dialogue from a play I wrote inhigh school. And believe me, THAT was dreadful. What was I thinking, what are they thinking.

    I can only say that you won't have to worry about me giving low ratings and reviews to this show in the future because I simply won't tune in.

    Mary, they could have given you better.
  • Good pilot episode, should get viewers back for next weeks episode.

    It was a long episode, but it kept me interested and watching through out the whole time. It looks to be a promising show and will most definately be staying tuned in for the rest of the season.

    So far it has a bit of action and drama, with plenty of side stories coming into play already, for example, her relationship with Raphael and also the story that will unfold about the scene we saw towrd the end with Mary's younger sister(nicknamed Squish by Mary).

    The episode was great and had plenty of twists and turns ( like a roller coaster ride ) and I really think that they pulled off the first Pilot episode very well indeed, which will get the viewers in for more.
  • "Burn Notice" it's not. There were some stellar moments by each of the actors, but the cast doesn't feel jelled yet. More episodes are needed before I feel comfortable enough recommending this show to anyone.

    I love the summer. TV is so much less complicated. Gone is the list of which shows I have to watch and with it the decisions about which will wind up on the DVR as opposed to live viewing. Instead I have the carefree life of only three or four shows to deal with.

    Summer is typically all about USA Networks. As long as I can remember, they have always had something to draw me to them during the hotter months of the year. There was "The Dead Zone" and "The 4400," as well as Psych. Last year it was "Burn Notice." Then there would be the Stargates and Eureka on Sci-Fi, another USA property. It's because of my allegiance to USA Networks that I even bothered to take a new show like "In Plain Sight" on. My "Burn Notice" friends said I should give the show a try.

    Unfortunately, I have little to no idea what I just watched.

    It's not the end of the world. I usually have to watch Aaron Sorkin's pilots two or three times before I "get" them. The difference with Aaron Sorkin's work is the characters always provoke me to swear my loyalty to them practically after the first scene. Even "Burn Notice" had me at hello. This show...not so much.

    I based whether to actually add this hour of TV to my summer schedule on Paul Ben-Victor. Yes, that's right, Paul Ben-Victor. I LOVED his character on "The Invisible Man" and even though he was a right-hand man in that series, he played his character very well. I like his easy going way, what he presented on screen. I always have.

    What intrigued me enough to investigate next week's episode is the in-your-face strength of Mary McCormack and the bold, fresh way USA Networks has stepped out of the gate dealing with her physical relationship with a boyfriend played by Cristian de la Fuente. While I saw de la Fuente last on "Dancing With The Stars," his honest (and seemingly familiar) relationship with her character warrants a second look.

    The writers handled this often dreaded physical part of any show (when two main characters get down and dirty) from a fresh perspective. I'm all about a new way to look at things. They showed absolutely no physical affection between the two characters at all.

    In one moment, we see McCormack at de la Fuente's door and are told her weakness lies beyond the threshold between the two. The very next scene shows a wonderfully artistically blocked McCormack face down on the bed akimbo in a way that highlights the fact she's a woman, but doesn't actually show enough to be obscene (not that obscene is bad). de la Fuente is arranged in the same way - he's on his back perpendicular to her, but his head is resting on the small of her back with his bare left thigh exposed. It was a great, fresh, new way to tell me enough about their relationship without spoiling any emotional intimacy, which will give it time to build in the future.

    Their relationship is the thing I least understand about this series. McCormack acts like a completely drained person. Perhaps my inability to appreciate the pilot has more to do with that factor. It was too close to home.

    I know people, like myself, who were the complete financial support for their family. Mine was only for my child (as opposed to her mother and sister), but I burnt the candle so hard at both ends I literally made myself sick. It's hard for me to watch McCormack in this role because it's like going back to that time in my life when men were a means to a physical end and nothing else - your brain just doesn't have the room for another thought. Her realization that she's emotionally attached to Raphael not coming to her birthday party brought up too many bad memories about the things I didn't choose in my life.

    While "Burn Notice" is a fun look at dysfunctional families, "In Plain Sight" is a much darker tale. The wonderful Leslie Ann Warren plays McCormack's disturbingly drunk mother who's unable to take care of much. It's always a pleasure to see Warren on screen, but I hate watching shows with weak female characters in them. The fact that Warren is such a good actress is going to make me hate her character even more. That they've written McCormack's sister as a weak, screwed up piece of work just makes it worse.

    My biggest complaint about "In Plain Sight" was Frederick Weller. I'm not happy with the way they wrote his and McCormack's relationship in this pilot. I felt absolutely NO chemistry at all between the two and found it even harder to care about their relationship - a killer when it comes to partners. I'm not blaming Weller himself. He was fun to watch as an actor. There's just some huge mismatch there on the writers part that didn't give me what I needed to care about him - not even six degrees of separation.

    I felt a little better about the pilot after going to the USA Networks web site and watching all the videos the cast did about themselves and the show. They put together some rather large pieces about the dynamics between all these people that were sorely missing for me. Perhaps the next episode will right this impression is it's listing on it's side.

    They say you shouldn't complain unless you have something helpful to say. The only comment I could make in that vein is I think the writers tried to put too much information into a two hour pilot. McCormack's character is far too intricate to represent well in that amount of time.

    I would have appreciated more emphasis on the job and less on her personal life. Trying to put both in one episode made the story look as chaotic as Mary Shannon's existence. Maybe that was the point the script was trying to drive home. If it was, too much attention was paid to that point and not enough to making us fall in love with the characters so we'd want to come back.

    Next week will be pivotal for me. If they can't pull it together in a way that makes me bond with the story I probably won't continue watching it. This is my own personal preference and doesn't have a lot to do with whether the show is worthy. Shows with helpless women just turn me off. Unless the cast has hooked me, I don't tend to swear my allegiance.

    Here's to hoping something happens next week that makes me really care about wanting to experience more of their world.
  • Predictable, unbelievable characters, seen it before.

    The show lacked any originality and seemed an amalgam of three shows to me

    Pain Killer Jain
    Burn Notice

    It tried to have a pair of Federal agents with some sort of dynamic relationship that didn't quite work, I thought Standoff worked better.

    The lead character reminded me of Pain Killer Jane, a hard done by, need to do everything myself, solo player, and the constant voice over started to irritate quite quickly.

    And lastly Burn Notice (a series that grew on me, and now a fan!) Mary Shannon as a character seemed on a par with michael from Burn Notice with a troubled sibling showing up at the wrong time and interfering with the lead characters work. The mother characters also similar on many levels.
    I found the relationships in Burn Notice more entertaining and a great part of the story, in "In Plain Sight" they just seemed used as a filler for the episode - as if they needed more. On a whole the plot was weak and predictable, the family and "model" boyfriend will probably be a large part of the show. And the lead character seems unconvincing and started to annoy me quite quickly.
    I won't be tuning in to this again, but am looking forward to seeing an original show with more believable character dynamics.
  • Wait and see...

    Probably not the best pilot series I've ever seen. However I'll keep watching to see where it goes. It might improve or I might get attached to the characters.

    For starters, I thought the pilot was far too long and I also think it's too talkative.
    Mary never stops... And it gets boring.

    The characters all seem to be unfriendly, selfish and gross... I have to say that I couldn't help but think about Saving Grace, which was really not my favourite show...

    Otherwise, the idea is pretty good. The witness protection program has never been the central plot of any other show. Not that I remember of. Well, not really thrilled at the moment but I may be surprised in the future.
    Sometimes you like the show immediately (NCIS, Grey's anatomy, DH...), for others it takes time... IPS will maybe be one of them...
  • Not bad for a pilot...

    I think this show has definitely got potential judging by this pilot and the promo shown at the end but only time will tell – I'll definitely watch the next couple to see how it turns out. The characters seem interesting enough which is always good and I've not seen a show based around US marshals so I'm hoping this turns out to be good and something different now that most shows are done for the summer. It started off a bit wooden but it did begin to flow better as it went on and also I think that maybe they gave too much away about Mary's character and family, it just seemed like too much info all at once which is something they could've saved for a few episodes in.
  • I have to say that I was rather underwhelmed.

    The promo looked much more exciting and action-filled than the actual episode. It was interesting but it didn't really grab me. Usually, I like to re-watch my favorite parts of an episode immediately afterward but here, one viewing was enough for me. Though the show does have potential.

    I like Marshall and I like Raph, Mary is interesting but a bit too... fake macho for my liking. Mary McCormack just doesn't pull it off the way she should so I hope that the writers will tone it down a bit for her sake. But I don't really care about her druggie sister or whiny mother. I do hope to see more of Marshall and especially to learn more about Raph and his relationship with Mary.

    So yeah, underwhelmed, but I will keep watching.
  • This pilot has some ups and downs, not sure what to make of it yet. It takes some setting up on how the series works and that part is understandable. We all have family interactions, and they have set Mary as part of dysfuctional family.

    It was not the best pilot ever, but it had some moments. I like the fact it was not shot on a back lot but actually in Albuquerque which has some beautiful scenery. When Mary goes to the murder scene and the cops starts asking questions, it should have ended there. When he sees her credentials he should have known better and just let it be, but then real life and TV have little to do with each other here.
    Also a marshall would not go out on their own and investigate a murder without the police, it would let too many people know that there is something more than meets the eye.
    It was an OK episode, I will give it another one or two before I make a real opinion.
  • meh. better than expected, but too predictable. (warning spoiler)

    The previews were so bad I almost didn't bother. But I was bored and thought I'd try the first episode. While the previews showing people discussing her in high heels, the main character faking an orgasm and her lying in bed naked -- I was glad to see that sex was not the main point of the series!

    Seeing a strong female character is always appreciated. Having her mock some stereotypical assumptions is also refreshing (for tv).

    But there just wasn't much to grab me. The plot was painfully obvious. The minute she met the killer and they had the conversation - it was clear who did it.

    I might try it again, because her character, the partner and the other cop could be interesting characters - but I hope they don't focus too much on the relationship with her mother and sister and boyfriend. I don't want the show to revolve too much around her personal love life and home life. I also hope it's not going to be nothing but mob bosses or greedy/stereotypical call girls. A glimpse of what the job is like would be more interesting to me. It doesn't even need to be all action/crime-solving. Some portrayal of tedium and babysitting are fine occasionally (if they can make it interesting or part of a larger plot).
  • Guess I can wait and see!

    I decided to watch this one in the absence of all the other tv series I watch. All are out for the summer now and I saw this one was going to start so I thought I could give it a shot. It wasn't disappointing, but I need more episodes to see if it's worth it. To start the main character is quite interesting, full of personal dramas and a strong charisma. A crazy sister to make her life harder, men around playing interesting roles in her possible love life... To add the character's lives, we have the chance to see a little of how WITSEC works, which for me is interesting. Apparently, the Ukrainian girl will be the main subject to show us how it works.
    I'll be tuned for the next episodes!
  • Review

    I liked the pilot episode to this series, it keep me interested for the full ninety minute running time. I like the main character of Mary. She has a lot of issues personally that make her character very interesting. She's not your normal, average witness protection woman I would imagine. Her relationship with Ralph seems like its going to be interesting, but I could also see her possibly going elsewhere with her love life. It looks like we might see this one particualr girl she is protecting each week, since we cannot see and get used to all the people that she is protecting so we will get to see an in-depth view of this one.

    I thought the case in this episode was solid, but like many other standalone shows I think the character inteactions and personal relationships are going to be what makes this show interesting to me. Standalone episodes can only be rated as interesting as I find the story, but if the characters interactions are always like this I think the show will be very good. The one portion of the pilot I didn't like was Mary's sister using the drugs. I think this is going to set up a future storyline that many of us have seen on television before. Big sister has to help little sister not use the drugs anymore and go into the program and all of that. I'll see where it goes. Overall, the dialouge was spotty at times but I think thats the unique nature of the show. Anyone who thought it looked interesting and came to this review to check it out should tune in for an episode.