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  • Never really got over the way out of character (written in) pregnancy.

    Just finished watching the entire series.

    The first 3 seasons were more or less what I came and was hoping for - a light and 'spunky' drama; akin to shows like burn notice, psych, chuck, etc.

    The show chugged along fairly predictably but certainly enjoyably until season 4 and specifically the whole pregnancy thing.

    It bugged me more that anything else in the series, it left me confused and in disbelief, I initially assumed they were going for some serious character development -denial of being pregnant, acceptance of being pregnant, arranging to put it up for adoption, over time become less against being pregnant and then some how losing the baby but realizing that doing the 'white picket fence thing' is not as unwanted as she thought it would be.

    The real/original Mary didn't seem to be the type to meet a guy, fall in love, get married and then have kids. Then suddenly the women for whom casual sex is not an uncommon thing 'accidentally' gets pregnant. It was especially unbelievable as an accident given how responsible Mary is portrayed to be.

    Though a couple of eps after the pregnant thing I did get some solace -when Dr. Finkel remarked that a sexually active 39 YO women doesn't suddenly screw up their contraception.

    Also what was up with bringing back that O'connor FBI guy in season 5; let alone having him running a major (most wanted) operation?

    Maybe it's just me but having a colleague take your place in an operation (that he doesn't comeback from) so you could sleep with his wife and then proceeding to waste millions of tax payer money in a wild goose chase so that you could make yourself feel better about it shouldn't have had the apparent effect of boosting his FBI career prospects.

    And should probably just ignore the 'fans' who go on about how 'intelligent, deep and profound" the show was because it wasn't (peekaboo is amazing to a baby).

    It was a good show, it did what it was meant too -entertain me.
  • Hidden. Not Forgotten

    This is an emotionally intense and satisfying show. Mary and Marshall are a superbly antagonistic team who complement each other when it counts. Exploring the topic of relocating people into Witness Protection is a brilliant concept, and this show illuminates the unexpected emotional outcomes of our "WitSec" system. Bottom line: I highly recommend this show.
  • Not As Plain As One Might Think

    Though I initially avoided the series, after I gave it a chance and got into it, In Plain Sight turned out to be a lot better than I thought. And, each season got progressively better; except for the final season which did a disservice to several key characters. The format of the series allowed for a wide range of different types of stories and for a variety of interest guest stars. The clever writing and witty dialog made the series a truly enjoyable show that was fun to watch.
  • mary in plan site

    Hay why stop the show it is really good and Mary she is why I like in plan site now you all are takeing another good show
  • Likes - great location shots, good humor, solid cast and fine acting. Dislikes - offensive profanity, situations at Mary's home make you want to slap someone.

    In Plain Sight is a fun series. We became steady viewers the first time we watched - we admit that's partly because we lived in Albuquerque, and enjoy seeing familiar spots in town, and the backdrop of our favorite mountains and beautiful evening sky shots. Shooting on location is preferable to unending studio scenes - such as those on "Medium," a series which purportedly takes place in Phoenix, but never shows anything from Arizona - it all looks more like Pasadena. IPS makes good use of the high desert scenery.

    IPS is a low-budget drama, evident mostly by the sparse US Marshals' office and the thin cast. Adding Holly Maples as the office administrator made sense - until then the three pros had no support. Even that cast increase had no effect on the show budget - she's married to producer David Maples. And the same abandoned motel on Central Avenue seems to be featured in every episode. Mary continues to drive the same smoky Ford Probe, but now it's part of the scenery, so let's keep it.

    The sniping between Mary's character Mary, and Marshal Marshall (Frederick Weller) often gets us laughing. But be warned - IPS scripts are offensively profane. The first episode I saw had Mary McCormack emitting three vulgarities just for starters. Gratuitous cursing and swearing make us cringe, and we wonder about Ms. McCormack's legacy of work, which she could not even allow her grandchildren to view. We put up with it, but IPS would be far better fare without it.

    The episode titles are some of the most amusing we've ever seen for a series. Puns, word games and pop culture references abound - we love it.

    Like many series, IPS shifts regularly from crime drama to soap opera. The home cast of ne'er-do-well sister Brandi (Nichole Hiltz) and weepy mom Jinx (Lesley Ann Warren) was downright tedious in the beginning of Season 2, but later episodes had their dysfunctional ways lessen. We do like the Detective Robert Dershowitz (Todd Williams) character - often at odds with Mary, but showing growing respect for her and bringing in good bits of police-FBI cooperation. Good work also by Paul Ben-Victor as supervising marshal Stan McQueen, who does well when the main storyline revolves around him. Glad it got a Season 3 - hope the audiences are getting used to good shows going into hiatus for months at a time - if we all accept it, maybe they won't lose so much viewer share that they slip into cancellation jeopardy.
  • Takes some time to get into but once you do you absolutely love it.

    At first I was annoyed that this show was trying to do the female voiceover narration ala Grey's Anatomy but then I remembered how much I love it on Grey's and was happy to have another show adopting the format. Mary is a lot to handle, hence why you have to ease into this show. She's rude, crass and always gets her way which, as it turns out, is part of her charm. I don't find the cast of this show particularly attractive, nor do I care if Mary and Marshall ever get together, I feel that their 'love connection' is a bit forced, but I love them together as partners. The first season finale was by far the best, and most dramatic, and I wish that they'd go a little darker at times. I enjoy that this show is a hybrid of procedural and serial. You could easily just watch occasionally and just enjoy the cases from week to week but if you stick around there is a definite serial nature to it, especially with Mary's family (a storyline I happen to love). Her family is totally screwed up, her father is a felon on the run and if she ever finds out where he is she'll have to arrest him, and her mother and sister are just plain crazy. All in all Mary is a tough nut to crack, enjoyable to watch, and a great character to come back to week after week.
  • Great characters, fantastic dialogue.

    I have to say, I gave up on this show halfway through season 2 - I couldn't stand the family drama anymore. Nichole Hiltz (who plays Brandi) must have been dehydrated after every episode because there was hardly a scene she didn't appear in sobbing her eyes out. That whole episode at the AA meeting left me unutterably depressed, and I could just read the news if that was the effect I was going for. I'm glad I gave it another shot because the family drama really toned down and the whole tone of the show lightened, without losing any of its edge. On the contrary, I found the dialogue wittier in the last half of season 2 and in season 3. I also like the romantic developments with Marshall's character (thus far completely one-sided), and in fact his whole character has been more fleshed out and I understand (and like) it better, primarily his sensitivity and the depth of his feelings. **SPOILER ALERT** I also like the Season 3 ending because honestly, where would we go if M & M end up together? I do hope that in Season 4 (and I fervently hope there is one) they work more closely together than they did in Season 3 though. Altogether a stellar show.
  • This episode was so complete.Maybe that's not the right word i mean it spoke for its self. The idea of Mary being shot you could tell that they all love her. Ralph,Mother and sister crying. But most of all you can see the love and pain in Marshall's eyes.

    This episode was so complete. maybe that's not the right word i mean it spoke for its self. The image of Mary being shot you could tell that everybody loves her. Ralph rubbing his eyes. Mother and sister crying. But most of all you can see the love and pain in Marshall's eyes. He cried a lot but for me it made a statement.I'm new to this show and I've only started watching it from season 3. But as i watched "Don't cry for me Albuquerque" I could see just from this episode that Ralph and Mary were not going to last. Not to mention that there was definitely something going on between Mary and Marshall.I think there secretly in love though I already know that Marshall loves her by watching"Let's get it Ann". Ooh not forgetting Stan he cares for Mary more then Ralph and Marshall cares for Mary even more than mother, sister,Ralph,Stan and even more than Mary herself will ever care. P_Fabulosity....
  • used to be good. now it is not.

    I used to be a faithful fan of this show, watching every week and celebrating the interesting character of Mary and the way she balanced her type a personality, intense job and dysfunctional family/personal life. Then at the end of season two they decided not to show part two of the season finale, fired the show creator/producer, and gave Mary a brain transplant replacing her sharp wit with bland sarcasm and taking all the heart and fun out of the show. I can't even watch it now. It's not the same show. It is boring and pointless. .

    However, I do recommend season one and two - they were fabulous. just be forewarned that the true ending to the season two cliffhanger has never been shown because of the decision to wreck the show in the hopes that a less intelligent creative and interesting show would garner better ratings.
  • The show is great, gives a fairly (albeit) hollywood account of what protective work is all about. Wish I'd had Mary's mouth when I worked for the Treasury Dept! For those that whine its not good, grow up or go back to watching Mickey Mouse Club, k?

    The show is tight, bold, freshand well written, always a great repartee going, love the sarcasm, some days thats all that gets you by in that career field! Mary is a gem, saying that of both the character and the actress. Mann is a good foil for her, and the family brings in reality twists many sappy cop shows don't present. More Mary and her personal life please! The show that showcased the beginnings was especially intersting, also the one where Mann's fathershowed up, nice plot twists. Also for those that don't like Mary's demeanor, you should try babysitting protective principles for a few days, you'd be frazzled too.
  • A cop show with one or two surprises and a hilarious female lead who will shock you from time to time with her no-nonsense attitude.

    The show concentrates on the life of Mary Shannon, a US Marshal who seems to excell at her job but has a huge amount of personal problems. Her sister for one seems to get in trouble on a regular basis, her mother is a little in the head, a boyfriend who is actually more of a boy-toy and a boss bearing gifts. The interactions between the characters is delicious to watch at times, Mary and partner Marshall Mann have an easy going relationship while the rest of the male cast seem to seek a relationship with Mary. The occasional voice-overs give the show an old-fashioned private detective touch. McCormack is doing a great job; her timing is perfect, she's awfully funny and manages to portray a strong yet vulnerable character. A good pilot with great potential and great cast. The characters need to be more fleshed out, the pace of the show more steady in general and please, no men-drama or at least not much, there are enough shows out there dealing with that.
  • This is a show that is about two feds that protects witnesses from the witness protection program. The show is actionfilled but got too much attitude and too little heart.

    This show got too much attitude and too little heart. The plot is actionfilled but it's like the comments between the partners is too much attitude and I kept wondering when they would slow down and act more genuine. You never get into the main characters feelings and lifes and even if the show has just run a few times I miss the heart and the more autentic policework. I'm not impressed at all. There are some funny moments but even that falls flat beacuse its hard to follow the different characters and get a grip on them. This is more like a bad action movie.
  • Barbwire with politically incorrect overtones

    I imagine Mary McCormack, who is a fine actress indeed, took a look at the script and saw how outdated, cheap, unoriginal, sophmoric and going nowhere it actually is. However, it's a lead in a primetime show, so it can't hurt and that's to be forgiven.
    However, the script isn't.
    This is one of those shows that can't decide whether to be funny or not. And the combination is just bad, even wrong. The serious is really serious and the jokes are really cheap - and that makes for a terrible combination because you are thereby numbing both. Not much else I can say - if writers keep this up it's going nowhere. If they choose a direction, it may change, but I'm afraid that's not in the books.
  • Crime drama with a twist.

    What was an average and mildly interesting pilot has turned out to be a pretty cool show by the time you have watched the 2nd and 3rd episodes. Brilliant lead characters, good script and the potential to become an awesome show. I personally love the relationship between Marshall and Mary and family dynamics just gives it something extra. A storyline that gets wrapped up weekly and also an continuing storyline makes is gives makes it more intriguing. Also the fact that I have never seen anything about the witness protection program on television gets my curious senses tingling. Its definitely worth watching!
  • I love it!!!

    I love this show! I didn't watch it when it first came out, so I've only seen the one where Mary has to protect that one bride who ends up being a pain in the butt and the one where Marshall gets shot, which had me freaking out the whole time because Marshall is my favorite. But it was also a good episode because I'm a big supporter of MaryxMarshall, and there were a lot of "moments". Anyway, I really need to get on youtube or something, maybe even has them, and find the pilot and such. ... In the last new episode (the one where Marshall gets shot) he was getting a transfer to a new, um, whatever it's called. OK, he won't be partners with Mary anymore. And after he gets shot, he explains to her that it's because he can't protect her from the rest of the world forever, which makes me sad!!! But then she kisses him on the cheek, and tha was nice. :) I hope he decides to stay partners with Mary, because there will never ever be anyone else as good as Marshall!!!
  • U.S. Marshals placing/protecting people in the witness protection program.

    Mary Shannon is a thoroughly unlikable character. She's trying too hard to be "one of the boys". She comes across not as assertive or competent but aggressive and obnoxious. I don't believe for one second that a U.S. Marshal assigned to the witness protection program is going to have a to do list with protected witnesses names on it in her car!!! Her partner isn't much better. Marshall Mann is very one-dimensional and trying to be hip. His voice is monotone and very nasal. He sounds like he's trying to imitate Christian Slater. Mary's mother is a caricature. She's whiny, lazy and clearly favors her younger drug-addicted daughter. What a cliché! The younger sister is (big surprise) very blond, very busty and bad news! Wow! What a stretch! The one character that had any chance of seeming "real" was Mary's boyfriend, Raphael Ramirez. He's trying to have a meaningful relationship with Mary and she won't have it. I watched the first 4 episodes, hoping that the writing would improve or the characters would become better over time. I almost stopped watching after episode #3 but the 4th one guest starred Dave Foley. I'm glad I saw that one! It was only worth watching because of Dave Foley's character! I'm done watching In Plain Sight. I have no hope that the characters or the story lines will improve. On a side note, I live in the Albuquerque area and it's pretty cool to see the city on TV. I've recognized almost every location.
  • Lose the funny bits.

    I love Mary McCormack. That was the reason to watch this show. But seeing the first 2 episodes reminded me why I hate shows where supposedly funny scenes are accompanied by the sound of a Hammond Organ saying: 'Hey viewer, this is a funny scene!".
    I still like to watch Mary McCormack, but the rest of the cast is totally uninteresting (I have forgotten the name of her partner already).
    And it seems that criminally America would know by now, that Albuquerque is one of the cities that hosts the WPP. Although realism isn't always the main factor for me to judge series, this goes one step too far.
    A doomed show, because of the lack of originality.
  • Kill the Mother and Daughter before they Kill the Show.

    This show started out pretty good, giving us a unique look at a job we know little about, but it quicly got out of hand when the stupid sister and needy Mother entered. Nobody can be this weak or ignorant.

    Put THEM into the actor witness protection program...on another network or kill them off this series. They really are very weak characters that cannot possibly be liked, unless you are just like them. Characters don'thave to be stupid to be entertaining.

    Mary and the other Marshall characters are pretty good. I also like to know a little more about what US Marshalls do.

    Stick to the point of the show and forget the Addams Family.
  • I started watching this show purely through desperation ... I mean what else is there to watch?? It's the dismal summertime viewing ... but you know what ... this is starting to grow on me!!

    We are four episodes in and I am already starting to quite like the main characters ... except for that mother who SO needs a slap! But then .. stop ... think ... she is right for the show ... Jinx is like millions of women who have been suckered by men ... classically believing they have been given diamonds in their world when all along it was only paste! She is the fragile butterfly so lost in beauty she forgets to wake up and smell the very strong coffee of reality that men do not necessarily want to look after you and will wear a false eye patch in order to get what piece of happiness they want!

    I think the bond between Mary and Marshall is sweet - Mary covered in the egg shells of life jagging at anyone who might wish to form a relationship with her - she cannot believe anyone would want her and so she loses relationships before she realises what she really wants.

    OK ... so the storylines aren't perfect ... but they are very watchable ... even if it is obvious who is the baddy from the outset ... it doesn't matter ... it is really quite a good series ... maybe not as good as Saving Grace ... Marshall not quite as cute as Butch ... but give it a chance ... it has potential ... which means of course it will be canned by the end of the series because if this year is anything to go on ... if the series is anywhere near to being good ... the networks won't stay with it!
  • This could be a good show.

    This show could really become a good show. I started watching because there was nothing else on. I didn't think I would like it, but I am starting to get into it. The biggest negative is that they use God's name in vain. It may not bother some people, but others it does. It seems interesting to me that you request that I keep my language clean in my review, but you can verbally abuse my ears on the show. Even if you don't believe in God, you should show repect for those that do and not use His name in cursing. If the language doesn't clean up, I will stop watching the show just for that reason. I hope the writers will have the decency and respect to find some other words to use.
  • A refreshing change from all the politically correct BS that the networks routinely spout out at us.

    This show caught me completely by surprise. No URST, no attempts to make the characters totally lovable, no attempts to make it completely believable and realistic and voila it really really works. Mary and Marshall really work as a sudo brother and sister partnership. The stressed out lead char whose vent valve is her job rather than her home life is such a twist on the usual its brilliant. Marshall as the geek/nerd character who isnt sat continuously behind a computer or tech job is so refreshing.

    There are so many solid acting moments in this away from the action moments that the director and editor are to be commended. Whilst the casting director seems to be a major West Wing fan of season 4 onwards (havent checked to see if it was same). The guest stars seem to be the hidden gems (supporting / recurring roles) of various other shows out there.
  • Decent show, definately worth watching.

    This show seems pretty good so far, the first episode ( Pilot ) definately kept in hooked in and waiting for more.

    The story revolves around Mary, who works for the U S Marshalls, under the witness protection programme. I think that this is a great and truely promising story line and they have alot to work with.

    We have already been introduced to Mary's partner, Marshall, who I think is going to have a bigger role to play throughout, he provides the humour of the show, and also Marys sister, I think she will play a big role in the few episodes to come.

    Overall, if you havent seen it yet, its definately worth watching.
  • Could get better and better!

    I think that the show could get better and better despite a pretty good pilot. It shows two US Marshals that are with the federal witness protection as they guard people who's lives are threatened. Really the main star, Mary McCormack as Mary Shannon is really a strong female chracter. As you get that rare these days in tv these days. Despite her blossoming career as a fed, her personal life remains shady. Hope that they don't concentrate on that very much as they have been. Despite the wonderful and talented Leslie Ann Warren as her mom. Her sister is taking drugs. Wouldn't Mary get fired for that as her sister is doing that as you have to go through one tough and thorough background check? Other than that, pretty good but needs to get better.
  • A classy, sexy, intelligent look at a law enforcement service that goes undetected by most people. Well written, snappy dialogue, good stories, an excellent cast and very incredible Mary McCormack make this show one of TV's best.

    NBC/USA's Network really does a great job of overcoming the bland programming in general seen on its commercial sister NBC. One outstanding program after another is produced by one of cable's premiere channels. Shows like Burn Notice, Monk, Psyche, L&O: Criminal Intent, and last but definitely not least In Plain Sight.

    I did not originally watch the first season of In Plain Sight. When it was announced that the second season premiere would be shown back to back with the eighth season of L&O: CI with Jeff Goldblum I became intrigued with the show and watched a few episodes. In the middle of March I purchased the season one DVD and the rest is history.

    This is an excellent series in all facets of the production. Acting, scripts, direction, music, and production values are all top notch. Mary McCormack leads an superb cast which features Lesley Ann Warren as her mother Jinx and Frederick Weller as her partner Marshall.

    Mary and Marshall are U.S. Marshals serving in the U.S. Witness Protection Program. Along with their Captain Stan McQueen played by Paul Ben-Victor they are in charge of the Albuquerque branch of the service. Mary's life is made complicated by her mother and her sister played by Nichole Hiltz and her on again off again love interest Raphael played by Christian de la Fuente. The main cast is filled out by Todd Williams who plays the local head of the Albuquerque police Detective Bobby Dershowitz. The casting is marvelous and the stories revolving around Mary's life both at work and personally are fascinating. Every one of the main characters carries their part of the show and this ensemble cast is excellent. Especially interesting is the fact that besides Raphael her boyfriend, Marshall and Det. Dershowitz have strong attractions to Mary on an emotional and physical level so the sexual tension is very obvious.

    This is a great show on an up and coming network. With Monk ending next year after a long run, I see Burn Notice and In Plain Sight as the flagship shows for this network for years to come. If the actors are interested I believe both shows could run for at least six to eight years each.

    As a side note I have to wonder if Raphael will get traded from the Marlins to the Dodgers now that the Albuquerque Isotopes changed to the Dodgers AAA Minor League franchise this year.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Amazing show that came out of nowhere!Original, innovative, hilarious and exciting. I must admit I didn't expect much from the show. FBI witness protection agent Mary, her crazy family, wild job and whacky partner. adventure and humor awaits!

    In Plain Sight is amazing. It was a great breath of fresh air last summer when so many shows had been lost, shortened or compromised because of the strike. The commercials looked funny so my girlfriend and I gave it a shot, not expecting much. It turned out to be amazing. It's very original, with special agent Mary Shannon's voice overs about what she's learned doing her job, what you need to know about witness protection, etc...all done with humor and intelligence. You end up getting reeled in with the story lines of the witnesses for being relocated. You also follow mary and her partner marshall who's a pretty interesting guy. The two of them compliment each other well. Mary is gorgeous and she wont take crap from anybody. Their boss Stan is kind of a whacky nerd and Mary's family...they sure keep things interesting. Mary's mom lives with her, she's kind of a disaster, drunk, chronically unemployed. Her sister comes to town and she's up to no good, dragging mary into the mess. There's a cop who she's not sure if they are enemies or friends, and by friends, we mean, potential lovers. I'm so happy this show came along. What a great and refreshing show with a timely entrance.
  • Mary rocks! Production has to sprint to catch up...

    "In Plain Sight" just hit cable down here in Mexico. Five appendages up!!! But then, I'm a HUGE Mary McCormac fan. Beyond the killer looks, brains! I fell in vicarious love with her stuff in both The West Wing and ER!

    Not sure what to do with the 'tude. Some times I love it, some times I think it's shallow. I know it's meant to be edgy, and Mary is! She does the material brilliantly, I just don't know the writers have any idea of the magnitude of actor they've got. Not a friggin clue!

    I will be a devotee, but I hope production challenges Mary to where she can truly go and take us for the ride. Ain't seeing that yet... Great idea, great casting! Decent directing,location and sound. Needs much better writing though. It's not bad, it's just not outstanding and doesn't do Mary justice in the Age of BSG and Dexter.
  • original. edgy. different. unexpected.

    original. edgy. different. unexpected. those are just a couple of great words that can describe this show, in plain sight. this show is for anyone who loves cop shows; its different from law and order annd csi. its not as high tech and not as action packed, and that is what makes it different. it shows how mary, the main character, has to juggle her job, being a U.S. Marshall and protecting people's lives, with having a normal life, with keeping her disoriented family together, and with keeping her boyfriend. its original, catchy, and it actually seems real. i definetly recommend this show for anyone!
  • This show was so unexpecticly a all time favorite..

    I really thought at the beginning I was not going to be impressed! But I was so wrong, Mary is funny, so real and just does her thing, maybe not the girl the people were expecting , or the show , but thats why it's so good, great.. Marshall , man that dude just keeps surprising you, think he is a dumb guy, well not hardly. The show is worth the wait but really hate that I have to wait till next summer to watch again, and hopes it returns and not replaced with another show,Sundays won't be the same with out the humore. Nice job "USA"
  • In Plain Sight follows the story of a Federal Marshal, Mary Shannon, with the Witness Protection program who must hide her job from her family. She must oversee federal witnesses who have been relocated through the Witness Protection program.

    I don't watch many of this series' episodes but after watching one I became somewhat hooked to the show. From what I watch this series is funny, emotional and crazy all mixed into one. To anyone who loves or likes cops series then this might be just the show for you to watch. Anyway, I am glad I was able to see this show when I can caught it on television. You can catch this series on the USA network I think but you might want to check your local listing to make sure. Good luck to those who go looking for it and enjoy.
  • No summary just I can't wait for each episode.

    I was enjoying the show but getting a little tired of the girl crying thing, but when you got to the end of the show I was blown away. It was excellent. I have never seen a show ending that put everything together like it did, but still left you wondering how it would play out. The plot was everything you could want .... conclusion, not conclusion, suspense on how the players will come together and hope that the characters you have grown to love will get off the hook. It also added depth to situations from previous episodes where it was lacking; ie. the FBI agents offering immunity after a phone call while still in the arresting apartment and then getting approval while still there---not good. There are other weak scenes through the season (from a writing stand point), but take the time in the future to get ahead of the schedule and you got it. By the way invest the money to get the show known and you would have a huge hit, I am not good with names but the relationship of the characters and the humor of the partner-never better (bat mitten injury ha ha). Don't know the ratings of this show but if they are low, fight for it. Cheers comes to mind.
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