In Plain Sight

Season 2 Episode 4

Rubble with a Cause

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 10, 2009 on USA
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A building collapses on one of Mary's witnesses, leaving him exposed to outside threats, so Mary has to risk her life in order to keep her witness safe.

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  • Brilliant episode, Mary has to protect a witness who ends up on tv after a building collapse.

    Season 2 has DEFINATELY pleased so far, well judging by the 4 eps Ive watched so far this season, I was slightly worried about this when season 1 ended because the show is great and I would hate to see it end so early.

    This ep was definately a good one. Marys witness was an ex military and mercenary who witnessed a bomb explosion which was meant to kill a kidnapper but also ended up leaving 17 innocent people dead. A building collapsed and he went to to rescue survivors, but ended up getting trapped in an open floor under rubble. He basically got caught on tv and the US Marshalls had to step in to prevent anyone from coming to basically kill the witness.moreless
  • Mary is forced to put herself in harms way when a Good Samaritan witness gets trapped in the rubble of a collapsing building. Stan and Marshall must maintain order and keep Mary and the witness alive till they can get him free.moreless

    Boy does Mary get into a lot of trouble! Of course look who she is forced to deal with day to day. It was nice to see Mary with Raph for a while in this episode even though it was brief. He really has done a lot for her in general and obviously really cares about her in more than a superficial way.

    Mary's witness basically turns states evidence on his partner because he is not happy with the way he did his job. Seventeen innocents were killed when a bomb meant for one man blew up the whole building. It was a statement to the "bad guys" supposedly. Whether you agree or not the issue is do you protect your partner at all costs or are there limits to how far you cover for someone.

    When a building starts collapsing the witness was driving by and ran in saving a number of workmen. When he went back in the last time he got trapped in the rubble. Mary climbs up to him in a situation fraught with peril and stays to protect him from anything or anyone who might come to kill him. Meanwhile Marshall and Stan are doing everything they can to protect Mary and the witness.

    Brandi has a great scene near the end of the show when she apologizes to the AA group and now we'll have to see what happens with that in future episodes. I think she is having the same kind of life changing epiphany her mother had. Also I think she has a thing for that AA leader. We'll see! There was some great speeches in this episode including the final one about partners Mary gave. This was not a bad episode but it did not have the emotion and content the first three to the season had. So I would say it was the weakest this season. Still weak for this show is pretty good. Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Another great episode.

    I keep praising In Plain Sight Season 4, but I have yet to find a reason why not to. The show is so compelling and so good, and this was anything but a filler episode. Even Brandi's storyline, which are for the most part painful, was short and enjoyable tonight.

    But the main story with Mary helping the trapped former mercanery was the real shining part of this episode. It felt reminiscent of the movie World Trade Center with witty dialogue between the two trapped men in an effort to maintain consciousness and in turn stay alive.

    The show's ratings have taken a bit of a dip as of late, but the quality is as good as ever.moreless
  • Filler, but quite watchable

    I don't love episodes about the clock ticking while a person or persons are pulled out of the rubble of a collapsed building. For some reasons these always feel a bit filler-like. Even when you overlay on that the possibility of snipers coming to gun down the guy that is stuck in the rubble. But, what makes this watchable to me anyway is Mary. She is very funny. Her humour and intensity is what makes the show tick despite the fairly boring plot. Marshall can be pretty funny too. Like when he talks to the reporter. The family subplot this time features Brandi apologizing to the AA group for her little Jinx impersonation. That was pretty good, but also - a little bit of a re-hash.moreless
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