In Plain Sight

Season 1 Episode 11

Stan By Me

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Aug 10, 2008 on USA
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Mary is kidnapped. New Jersey Police are investigating Brandi and her connections to Chuck.

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  • it is great!! She gets kidnapped and shoots a guy!!

    I think In plain sight is great!!!! If i had a choice i would have my own in plain sight tv network!! that would be so cool!! The reason i like In plain sight is that there is pretty much never a dull moment! Whether it be from suicide to a grand ball time there is always trouble or gossip going on! As i wrap up my review just wanna say that this show is very addicting! I fell in love with it the first time i saw this show! I hope this show is on many more seasons or years you never know!moreless
  • Everything finally comes to a head in the drug deal and it may get Mary killed. FBI agents are killed, so is Chuck and Mary is next on the list if Brandi doesn't come thru. Stan, Marshall, and Detective Dershowitz do everything they can to save Mary.moreless

    Lots of stuff going on here. First and foremost Chuck's drug dealings have finally caught up with him as the FBI breaks into his New Jersey home, but then the drug dealers come in and kill the FBI agents and kidnap Chuck.

    Move to Albuquerque. Mary discovers something wonderful about her mother and it ends up causing a big misunderstanding and a fight. While Mary is distracted she is taken by surprise and even though she almost overcomes her attackers is kidnapped as well. A homeless man witnesses the incident and Detective Dershowitz figures out she is gone.

    Brandi calls Jinx to come get her and ends up blurting everything to her mother. The FBI agent in charge is bound and determined to get revenge for the dead agents and he wants everyone involved to fry. So at this point he wants Brandi, Mary and anyone else involved arrested and charged in the homicides.

    A lot transpires, but in the end Chuck is killed and Mary escapes killing one of her captors and Stan, Marshall, and Dershowitz end up rescuing her. Did you notice that Stan was the first one down the stairs to rescue her. It is obvious that he and Marshall both have strong feelings for Mary beyond the bond of friendship. More like close family. The episode ends with Stan locking the FBI agent in charge of the case in a closet so he'll leave Mary alone at least for a little while.

    The main drug dealer escaped in the end and it turned out that his accomplices thought Mary was Brandi. In a way it was probably providence that it wasn't Brandi they found or she would have been dead.

    A lot of conflict and strong emotions in this episode. This is what you usually get in a few of these episodes wrapped into one. Great television!

    Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Mary gets kidnapped

    In this episode of In Plain Sight, the following happens. When a man named Charlie, gets caught with drugs he offers all that he knows about the guys are in charge in return to go into the Witness Protection Programme. It is agreed and when they FBI go to take him into the Programme, 2 men with guys show up and kill the agents. We then see that the guys took him and that his location is currently unknown. Mary gets a phone call from another agent regarding her sister, Brandy. When she goes outside to talk in private, she gets kidnapped. A homeless man witnesses this, and simply says "bye bye Mary". When Brandy gets a phone call from Chuck, she doesn't answer and when she rings it back the FBI pick up asking her for her location. She doesn't answer them and so she hangs up on them. The homeless man is questioned about what he saw and he admits seeing Mary being taken into the back of a car, against her will. Soon the detective investigating the disappearance realises that the Mary he is now searching for is in fact Mary with the Witness Protection Programme. Marshall soon realises that the deaths of the FBI in Jersey, and Brandy may be connected to the disappearance of Mary. Brandy and her mother soon learn about Mary's disappearance. We soon learn that the Witness who is missing is actually Brandy's ex-boyfriend Chuck. Soon Brandy's mother learns about the whole drug situation and she flips out when she learns that the drugs are in the suitcase Brandy has with her. We then see Mary and Chuck with the men who kidnapped both of them. We soon learn that they didn't want Mary, but her sister Brandy. The guys, who were hired to take her, took the wrong sister. The man rings Brandy and he tells her to pick either her boyfriend or sister to die. When she doesn't pick quick enough he kills the boyfriend and they arrange a met for a swap, Mary for the drugs. The met goes a head but Brandy doesn't make it there in time as the FBI are questioning her. So Mary makes up a story about her Brandy's owes her money and so they make a deal. But it goes sours as soon as they learn that she is a Federal Marshall. The police soon get a tip and head there. In the house they find, his ex-girlfriend living there. She gives them the name of a person who he may be staying with and head there, in search of the suspect and Mary. Just as Mary is about to be attacked and raped, she manages to free herself and to get to her gun. Then there is a shoot-out and just as Mary is prepared to fight to the death, Marshall and the police turn up and save her.moreless
  • Compelling, Kidnapping, Baby-saving

    Wow, if this wasn't an exciting and compelling episode. I don't know what is. The absolute reality of fear in this episode was stunning. In addition, the writing was again brilliant. Mary's action scenes are sensational. I love the way all of the storylines are coming together. We finally are finding out why Brandi has her suitcase full of Meth. In addition, we get to see a little bit more into Brandi's character. We see she's not nearly as selfish as she's originally made out to be. She saves a baby's life. Marshall and Stan are running around trying to find Mary, and get to her in the nick of time. Mary's pretty resourceful herself though. It'll be interesting to see how this all plays out next week.moreless
  • Brandi's decisions come back to bite her, and Mary pays the price.

    In this episode, Spanky's on the rampage and starts with Chuck. The Feds catch up to him, and just after he makes a deal to testify and get witness protection, Spanky's boys kill the agents and take Chuck. Next on their list is a hot blonde with the last name Shannon. Meanwhile, Mary spots a car following her. As she tries to get the car's plates, she sees Jinx dressed provocatively and wonders if she's now employed in the world's oldest profession. Curious, and perhaps a little concerned she decides to check up on her mother, finding her at an audition. Jinx, rather than alighting with a maternal glow, shrieks and screams at Mary in front everyone at the audition. Still reeling from her mother's attack and being questioned over the phone by the FBI about her sister, two men assault her, chloroform her and abduct her, but not without Mary doing at least a little butt kicking first.

    Back to Jinx; her rant against Mary was uncalled for and her assessment of her daughter as a self centered person whose happiness lies in the misery of her family was laughable since she was describing herself. According to the responses on this forum, many people hated Jinx. I found her rather annoying, but I didn't hate her until that moment when she verbally savage her daughter in front of others while she's constantly taking advantage of Mary's sense of familial duty. And Mary looked so hurt and shaken when Jinx just left her there when her tirade was over. It angered me even more that Jinx was bad mouthing her to Brandi, especially knowing the problems that are exploding between the sisters. Then, when she was told that Mary had been abducted, she acted like the concerned parent when she was really just trying to get sympathy. If she was really that worried about Mary, she would have mentioned that they had a fight and she would exhibit some guilt over it. I used to think that Jinx character put some perspective on Mary's personality, now she's just a toxic factor in Mary's life that she should let go of.

    Brandi, on the other hand I feel has been unfairly judged. I think that she's shown some growth, and I like the scenes where the sisters are trying to act like sisters. At least she seemed to feel bad about dragging Raph into her mess, and about the misunderstanding with Mary. I also liked that she pointed out to her oblivious mother that Mary's not as tough as she appears to be. When she was told that she had until 11:00 to save her sister, and the agent wouldn't stop interrogating her until there was no time left she looked like she was scared that Mary was dead. I know that a lot of people are going to disagree with me, but I think that this whole thing started when she - after years of doing the wrong thing - attempted to do something right. She tried to get rid of the drugs because she was mad at Chuck and was starting to realize that her relationship with him wasn't good. But the more that she fell for Raph and it sunk in that it wasn't going to happen between them (at least not yet) Chuck once again became a possibility. It wasn't until she found the baby with the junkie couple and identified with the child who also had screwed up parents, did she make an attempt at an ill conceived and ultimately failed attempt at doing what was right. (side note: I found it interesting that her most prized possession was given to her by her sister and not one of her parents) She called the police on them, knowing that the child would be taken into custody and have a chance of being placed with someone who might actually care for it. She should have waited until the deal had gone through and they had the drugs, or better yet, tell her sister everything and make a deal. That's all besides the point. She made a messy situation an even bigger mess, but her heart was in the right place. It shows that she would make a decent candidate for redemption, unlike Jinx.

    Marshall was golden in this episode. There was the requisite banter in the beginning when he teased her about her mother, but what got to me the most was when he and Bobby were in the alley where Mary was taken. I really felt for him when they were talking about what may have happened in the alley and his voice broke and he couldn't say the word "abducted". And the tears in his eyes, wow. His partner was taken, possibly part of the same crew that killed to FBI agents and he wasn't angry, or vengeful, or driven - he looked lost. It was heartbreaking, which made the ending even more powerful when he and Stan walked down to the basement to find Mary still alive and kicking, literally. Gotta love the smile and relief on his face when he held her.

    The FBI agent in charge of the case was a complete d@$!head. His incompetence was astonishing. I know that he was supposed to be investigating the death of two other federal agents, but he released confidential information, didn't notice that Brandi kept staring at the clock or ask her about it, or do any real search for drugs inside of the house. I actually cheered when Stan locked him up.

    What I'm trying to say through this long and excessive rant is that despite Jinx who really has to go, this episode was pretty darn good.moreless
Will McCormack

Will McCormack

Special Agent Robert O'Conner

Guest Star

Mark Boone Jr.

Mark Boone Jr.


Guest Star

Tim Kelleher

Tim Kelleher

Chuck Johnson

Guest Star

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  • TRIVIA (2)

    • WITSEC ID: Charles Andrew Johnson
      Control: WC-6144-A
      Status: In Processing
      Location: Missing

    • Mary Shannon's FBI File reads:

      NY 4928495 SHANNON, MARY FBI Case No.8493JNFI4920

      August 12, 1995 AS MARY SHANNON
      Lewd Vagrancy: On 9/27/1995
      Discharged, State Attorney

      March 23, 2000 AS MARY SHANNON
      Disorderly Conduct: On 5/2/2000
      Discharged, State Attorney

      March 5, 2001 AS MARY SHANNON
      Disorderly Conduct: On 5/16/2001
      Discharged, State Attorney

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  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Zachraň mě (Rescue Me)

    • In this episode and the next, the character Agent Robert O'Conner is played by Will McCormack. Will is the brother of Mary McCormack, who portrays Mary Shannon.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      - Denmark: September 16, 2008 on Kanal 5
      - Finland: March 22, 2009 on MTV3
      - Germany: January 12, 2010 on ZDFneo
      - Czech Republic: February 8, 2010 on Prima


    • The episode title is a play on words of the phrase "stand by me" which has been popularized in modern culture through song, film, and literature.