In Plain Sight

Season 1 Episode 5

Who Shot Jay Arnstein

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2008 on USA
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Episode Summary

When Jay Arnstein is put into the witness protection program he not only brings his wife but his mistress. While this doesn't set well with Mary she must keep this a secret, but once Jay is shot all the secrets start to come out.

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  • When Jay and Marci Arnstein go into the witness program Mary is put in a moral dilemma when Jay brings his mistress Kay along as well. During an art show everything comes unraveled when Jay is shot. Mary must figure out who did it and why.moreless

    Marys job is full of moral problems. When she objects to the mistress being brought in to the program basically she is told its tough, deal with it.

    On the home front Raphael has a knee injury and is sent to Albuquerque to get healed. Mary takes him in, but we get to see a softer side of her sister Brandi who ends up being a very good caregiver.

    During an art showing at Jay's new gallery a argument ensues when Kay shows up to her boyfriends show much to the surprise of Marci his wife. She strikes Kay and lashes out as Mary as if it all her fault. Mary ends up leaving feeling guilty.

    Later she and Marshall are called to come to the hospital because Jay has been shot, but is alive. Now the search is on for who did it. All of the suspects, the wife, the mistress, and the wife's art teacher she had a fling with have motives.

    In comes Detective Dershowitz who Mary must team with to find the killer. When Marshall who seems to be a man of many talents informs Mary that the art is on Cottonwood, not Poplar as advertised she begins to suspect someone else. Through a clever ruse she and the team get the attempted killer to come forward and they solve the crime.

    Mary McCormack is a striking woman and we get to see her many facets as a women and a professional in this episode in similar ways to Episode 3 Never the Bride. She has a tendency to mesmerize the men she works with and there is no doubt Detective Dershowitz is interested in her as well. In a way you get the feeling if she could get a handle on her own life she might be able to figure out all the possible suitors she's got. At the end of this episode we see her sitting on the couch with Raphael's head resting in her lap and her contemplating some things her sister has said and her life in general.

    Smart, funny, and sexy describes Mary and this show.

    Thanks for reading...moreless
  • An art deal goes bad

    In this episode of In Plain Sight, the following happens. A husband and wife are brought into the Witness Protection Programme, after the husband gets involved with some bad guys. What makes the situation worse for Mary is that the husband gets to bring his mistress into the programme with him, but his wife has no idea that the other woman even exists. We jump to six months later and the husband and wife are happier than ever. The husband asks Mary to break up with the mistress for him and for her to get her out of the Programme. At the party the wife finds out about the mistress and flips out and hits her. Back at the office, Mary and Marshall get a phone call that Jay, the husband has been shot. Both of Jay's girls are being held, until the police can figure out what happened to him. They soon learn that it was the woman who gave the paintings to the art gallery who shot Jay. She did so because he found out that the paintings were fake. Jay survived and so he and his wife got a new identity and started a new life, in another state.moreless
  • Implausible, Incredulous, Amazing

    Okay, this episode wasn't my favorite. I thought it was completely absurd that they would allow 'Jay's' mistress into witness protection. I just believe that's implausible. Aren't they just supposed to whisk these people away? Never to be seen again? I allow a little bit of wiggle room in the name of entertainment and excitement ... however, I thought this was over the top. It was a whimsical episode with sharp writing. Just a little incredulous for my taste. In anycase, it was an enjoyable episode, even with the implausibility. Plus ... we got another dose of Sherry Stringfield, who's amazing!moreless
  • Great Episode!

    First of all Mary should really take her relationship seriously with Raphael. I think they would be good together. It had to be her sister to point it out how good Raphael is to her.

    Marshall is a great guy and a fantastic partner to Mary as he is always there to protec her but I don't see them together...

    The story today was about Marcy and Jay. A Married couple who hurt each other quite a bit. Both cheated on each other but forgave each other and started a new life.

    I never expected Margereat Chapman to be behind it all but she planned it very well.

    Another Great Episode from In Plain Sight.moreless
  • Lots going on and sometimes hard to follow without a scorecard, but came together nicely. Morally tough spot to put Mary in, raising the stress level.

    Very good epi, with plenty of biting Mary moments. She really is terrific in this part. Thank goodness she's on TV every week!

    The love triangle was both funny and story-driven. Marshall Marshall had an interesting relationship with girl #2, who actually came across as having depth(!) for a 3rd tier player. Little sister (whoa!) Brandi getting involved. Some development of her character, although a bit overplayed at the end. She arrived at her positive 180-degree turnaround for the 'Mexican pitcher' awful quickly and with too little explanation. But this attractive young lady is about to stir things up soon I imagine.

    I like the Dershowitz(?) local law enfocement guy's interplay with Mary and in these cases when they come up. All acting of supplemental characters was 'ok' at best (liked the work done by the former ER gal as the distraught wife though) - artist/'hunk', art-fraud-lady & boy toy are marginal efforts. Always a great effort by all playing the law enforcement roles and Mary McCormack is again terrific and believable in this role.

    Time flies when I am watching this program.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • WITSEC ID: Jay and Marci Allen now Jay and Marci Arnstein
      Control: WC-4037-A
      Status: Active Location: ABQ
      Case(s) Pending: Fugitives at-large contact Interpol

      WITSEC ID: Kay Sweeny now Kay Swenson
      Control: WC-4039-A
      Status: Active
      Location: ABQ
      Case(s) Pending: None

    • When Mary was interrogating a suspect, the suspect replied "You've been watching too much Law & Order." This would suggest that the L&O universe is fiction to the In Plain Sight characters. However, Mary had a cameo in the Law & Order: Criminal Intent episode "Contract," suggesting that the L&O universe is real to the IPS characters.

    • Raphael is a Dominican shortstop who plays professional baseball.

    • Mary tells Bobby not to shoot the lock because it only works in the movies. She then shoots the lock and kicks the door open and says, "It really does work" like it was the 1st time she had ever shot a lock. In the previous episode Mary shoots the lock on the door to get into the abandoned building and hideout. Therefore this was not the first time she had shot a lock on a door.

  • QUOTES (3)

    • Mary: Well, well. Look at you all upright and not dead! And with a matching sling even; bet the ladies dig that.
      Marshall: It's not without effect.

    • Det. Dershowitz: It's a good thing you're hot.
      Mary: You think I'm hot?
      Det. Dershowitz: Damn girl; you didn't know?

    • Mary: (voiceover) Funny how things like mortgage payments and a desire not to eat cat food can get between a person and their principles. Damn, I hate principles!

  • NOTES (3)


    • The episode's title is a reference to the TV drama Dallas, specifically the 1980 storyline in which J.R. Ewing was shot in the season finale, prompting a "Who Shot J.R.?" ad campaign throughout the summer. The episode that revealed the shooter was the most-watched TV broadcast of all-time until 1983, when it was beaten by the series finale of M*A*S*H.