In Plain Sight

Season 2 Episode 9

Who's Bugging Mary?

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jun 21, 2009 on USA
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FBI agent O'Connor arrests Brandi on charges of drug trafficking and murder. Insisting her sister is innocent, Mary works to help Brandi while ultimately trying to discover O'Connor's real motive for his actions.

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  • When this show is good, it's VERY good!

    I coasted through the last couple of episodes, but this one rekindled the love for me. Awesome way to tie up the Agent O'Connor plot line. Terrific acting and writing all around. Mary's meltdown and Marshall's support were nice. Although, I was scratching my head and half-way agreeing w/ her about the Office Manager lady. She really did show up at a strange time. Just love her and Mary's relationship. But that scene when Mary went to apologize and she said "Not right now" - just perfect. And Jinx trying so hard to be a good mother, and Rafe being supportive all around and Peter sending his lawyer. Yes, this episode was made of lots of lots of good stuff. Can't wait to see what happens next week. And just who is Lauren, anyway. Oh yeah, and are we really supposed to believe Mary's dad is in Witsec? Hmmm. . . .moreless
  • The FBI breaks down Mary's front door and arrests Brandi for drug trafficking, distribution of narcotics, and conspiracy to commit murder. Of course Mary and her department are not to going to sit by and watch her sister railroaded. A surprising ending.moreless

    Somehow one watching this had to feel like there was a witch hunt going on. Other than knowing she had the drugs, the rest of the charges were about as trumped up as any could be. So if you were watching you had to be waiting for the other shoe to fall. Where did O'Connor suddenly come up with the information to charge her after all this time?

    Mary got a little full of herself at one point or another but I suppose if you were a US Marshal and it was your relative be railroaded you would go a little crazy as well. She does owe Eleanor big time. One of these times she is going to tell Mary to stick it despite her feelings for Stan!

    Once again we see what a nice guy Raph is and how he stands by Mary and her family. It was kind of him to be with Jinx through all of that time at the courthouse. Jinx was strong for Brandi and did keep her from signing that document in the end.

    Marshall, Stan, Eleanor, and even Detective Dershowitz comes through to help Mary in her time of need. She really does have a lot of support and you hope she really understands that. Sometimes you get the feeling her character thinks its her against the world.

    Mary also got a little paranoid about her half-sister and anything that wasn't one hundred percent known to be a truth by her. I guess some of that was her sister but some was also her feelings left over from her father leaving as we discovered.

    Boy you can smell a rat from a mile away and O'Connor must really stink. He was sleeping with the agents wife who he had switched shifts with even though he knew they were taking down a major drug dealer that day. Then the agent is killed. How many things are wrong with this picture. His own guilt is what is driving him in the end. I really hope this is the last we see of him as I think his welcome in Albuquerque has been worm out.

    I would have given this episode a ten, but Mary did get a little too out there at times so it gets a 9.5. It was nice to see a Mary episode again even though the subject was a little harsh and too close to home. Let's hope we just get a Mary episode next week with one of her crazy witness' for a change. I'm ready for clever and funny Mary for a whole hour again.

    Thanks for reading...moreless
  • Agent O'Connor arrests Mary's sister Brandi on charges that Mary knows are fake. So she and everyone tries to help her get Brandi off of the charges. In the process of that, she figures out the real reason why O'Connor is on a "witch hunt" (as i call it).moreless

    This episode was like the best of the season yet!! Even though Mary my have gotten a little "out there" at times, i still love her!! i was so glad to see that at the end all the charges that O'Connor had charged on Brandi were fake and made up just because he wanted to get payback and try to make up for the other agent losing his life because he was sleeping his wife. also i was os glad that we got to see the softer and caring side of Mary's boyfriend Raph (who is soooo hott, by the way)!!!!!!! so that is all i have to write about the show bye!!moreless
  • One of this season's best.

    This is the kind of episode we have all been waiting for from In Plain Sight. A gripping story that kept us on the edge of our seats with no annoying witnesses screaming about their inability to have a social life, no idiotic and contrived relationship involving Stan and more importantly no more Laura Prepon on the show (although I do want Joshua Malina who plays Peter to return full-time). As far as an acting standpoint this was one of Mary McCormack's best efforts (which is definitely saying something) and I cannot see how she could not be a candidate for Best Actress in a Drama. She has no chance against Damages' Glenn Close, but I cannot see how she does not at least get a nomination.

    While I really liked the episode, I understand why we can't have family crises like this every week and why next Sunday I expect, and am almost excited in a way, by the return to the formula of Mary and Marshall helping witnesses.moreless
Will McCormack

Will McCormack

FBI Agent Robert O'Connor

Guest Star

Tim Kelleher

Tim Kelleher

Chuck Johnson

Guest Star

Diana-Maria Riva

Diana-Maria Riva

Brandi's attorney

Guest Star

Holly Maples

Holly Maples

Eleanor Prince

Recurring Role

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