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    Does anyone remember an episode where they talked about a rogue planet that only comes into orbit near earth every few thousand years? I swear I saw this episode but can't seem to find it.
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    For the posting about the rouge planet that orbits into our solar system somewhat like a comet would. Check this link out : this is the official website of Zacharia Sitchin, the world's formost authority on this subject. If you are interested in this type of info, you will be blown away by what you will find on this site. In The "In search of" episode on this, Sitchin appears briefly and explains about the so called "12th Planet", sometimes refered to as "Planet X". Enjoy!
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    Yes, I think it was dealing with a tribe in Africa that knew about it, think they may have called it "The Dog Star," but had ceremonies about it, and claim to hold mysteries that they will not talk to outsiders about. No one can figure out how they knew about it before modern technology knew of its (the star) finding. The tribe is located near (Mauritania) the

    NASA to date does not truthfully understand a structure there in the desert: (God's Creation)

    The tribe claims to have been visited by people from outer space, that told them to keep low level buildings because people stand up to fight when angry among other basic moral teachings.

    Not certain if this was the one you have been searching for, but there is the link that leads to information about the tribe Dog Star (Dogon Tribe)

    Dogon/Sirius Mystery

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