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AIRED ON 6/14/2014

Season 2 : Episode 6

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The Human Volunteer Force has quelled a zombie uprising, and the surviving zombies have been gathered and medicated so that they can return to their (mostly) human lives. They are given makeup and contact lenses so that they can go back to their original lives... or can they? One teenager, Kieran Walker, returns to his hometown and discovers that despite a government act prohibiting violence against the former undead, not everyone is willing to forgive and forget. This will re-broadcast on BBC America on June 6th, 2013.

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  • the inside scoop about the life of a recovering flesh eater

    While zombies were always a favorite for horror movies (Dawn of the Dead, Thriller), in the past few years they have made a big comeback, as zombies often do (by coming back from the dead). In film you could see them in the likes of "Resident Evil" series, the "Evil Dead" reboot and "World War Z". On television "The Walking Dead" has been attracting more than 10 million viewers a week. BBC's 2013 series "In the Flesh" can't really compete with those numbers, but it offers an alternative to the ever-repeating "zombie race". This time, instead of running away from them, we actually get to know them and even sympathize with them....

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  • A zombie story not about zombies

    In the flesh use the momentum of the zombies to talk about differents others issues. In every movie and tv serie about zombies there is hope of finding a cure to the zombies, but in the flesh is the first one that tell us what would happend if this ever comes true. In the flesh is a clever serie that uses this context to talk about some horrible issues that have been in the world for a long time, like segregation, ***phobia, youth suicide and fear to everything that we dont understand. The serie is full of touching moments that try to make the audience to put in the shoes of the characters. It have a great selection of soundtrack and a fluent and smart dialogue that will make you laugh about the unthinkable. The only bad thing is that it will have you asking for more with only 3 episodes in the seasson.moreless
  • Amazing Show!

    I'm not much for TV in general and rarely turn it on, nor am I into Zombie movies or shows. But this show is clearly unique. The dynamics presented in these first 3 episodes touch on many different levels of overall humanity, society as a whole, family life, personal relationships & closely knit community. It touches on every aspect of individuality on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels in such a diverse fashion that it would be an all out shame for the show to halt at 3 episodes. Please continue the series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
  • I don't know what other people were watching, but...

    My husband and I are huge zombie fans and we loved this show. We immediately hopped online to see if they would be making anymore because we hated to think such a great show would end at just 3 episodes. A certain reviewer didn't seem to care much for it and it is a shame that people would shy away from it because of that. It was a fantastic new take on zombies but don't expect a blood bath or in your face action because it is not that kind of show. You do have to suspend disbelief a smidgen. Being that I went to school to be an embalmer, there were some logistical questions raised that the show didn't answer but we were enjoying it so much that we shut up, stopped debating the how's and why's and just enjoyed the show. We highly await the second round!moreless
  • LOVE the new zombies

    I loved this show! Such a new look on our obsession with zombies. I hope there is a season 2.

    In the Flesh Review: The Walking Oppressed

    The BBC's zombie drama has promise, but the first season felt more like an Afterschool Special of the Living Dead than a well-developed series.


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