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And so we come to the Series 2 finale. Aired last Sunday, 6/8 for those in the UK. Airing this Saturday 6/14 for those in the U.S. Canada... who knows? June 19, I think.

So lots of spoilers ahead. More than usual. Big end-of-season spoilers.

The biggest and most tragic is Amy. We find out that she was the First Risen that Sandra pointed out last week to Maxine. Meanwhile, Amy is having more cute-time with Phillip, wondering if he'll still love her when she's "hot" (rowwrrr). And Phillip oh-so-sweetly assuring her that he'll love her no matter what (awwwww).

They go to the village fete, Phillip wins Amy a stuffed tiger, they visit Amy's grave, talk with Amy's mother (in spirit), and then Maxine shows up to spoil the mood.

(insert Psycho-shower musical cue here)

After Kieren pleads with Amy not to die, she dies. We get her funeral to the tune of Keaton Henson's "Yes", and a desperate Phillip sits at her grave long after the funeral, holding the stuffed tiger. And, ironically, potentially dooming her for good, but more on that later.

On to Kieren, who gets tied up and dragged around by Gary. And has some Blue Oblivion shoved into the hole in his back (ouch!). This causes Kieren to go rabid but thanks to willpower and the love of his father Steve, who finally steps up, Kieren fights off becoming rabid. Simon kinda of/sort of sacrifices himself to take a bullet meant for Kieren, kind of/sort of saving his life. "sort of" because the shot was in Simon's back rather than head level, so I'm not seeing how it was a threat to either one of them but it's played like some kind of life-threatening circumstance. Can PDS sufferers be killed like anyone else? If so, Simon would be dead from being shot. Or does it take Romero-style brain damage/cutting off the brain-stem? I don't recall if they've established one way or another.

Get a room, you guys...

In any case, Kieren and Simon are reunited and Simon is declared a traitor by the ULA. He stays in Roarton anyway and Steve and Sue accept him into their lives. Sue has a late-episode change-of-heart thanks to some prodding from Phillip's mom and decides not to send Kieren away. However, unlike Steve she doesn't have to put her life at risk and in fact doesn't even leave the town hall.

Oh, and Kieren gets the shakes like Amy did. That, combined with the fact he suffered from eye pains back in episode 1, suggests that he'll go through what Amy did. If she was the First Risen and it happened to her first, presumably Kieren is the Second Risen and will happen to him second.

Third subplot is Jem, who has another nightmare. Thanks to a convenient coincidence (he saw and remembers seeing the bracelet despite everything that's gone on since), Kieren works out that his sister had something to do with Henry's disappearance and confronts her about it. She agrees to get help, and presumably she's off to somewhere to get some. Oh, and Jem breaks up with Gary when she learns what he did to Kieren.

Fourth subplot is Maxine. We find out she wants a Second Rising so that her brother Danny, who she got killed, will come back. This still doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense. Maxine has spent 5.75 episodes turning Roarton against PDS sufferers... and then she wants to bring in more and is hoping they'll be accepted. Why does she think that's going to turn out well? Also, Vicar Oddie wanted the same thing, but she let him die. In any case, Maxine has a breakdown in front of the entire village and Langley from Lone Gunmen... I mean, Dean, tasers her unconscious. Which is as useful as he's been in nine episodes. Even he's had enough of her weird subplot.

Twins separated at birth?

Despite drugging Kieren and everyone knowing it or should know it, Gary seems to get off scott-free. Dean even buys him a pint, quickly losing the cred he got for tasering Maxine.

That's the character subplots. As far as the story arc of the Second Rising, it doesn't happen. Sorry, too bad, so sad. There's a cute scene at the end where the Roarton female versions of Statler and Waldorf are complaining about the rotters while playing nice, while the "rotters" are sitting nearby complaining about the living while playing nice.

A rotter... is a rotter.
You said it, love.

Since the Roarton undead don't know that Amy is the First Risen, they and the Undead Prophet (presumably) think they can still bring off a Second Rising. Of course, I suppose they can still kill Amy and bring it about, assuming killing the First Risen works. Or they'll just be trying to hunt down Kieren, since they'll still be going by Simon's report hat Kieren is the First Risen. Something for Series 3.

(So how did Kieren miss Amy already being Risen when he rose? Since his statement that he didn't see any other undead when he emerged from his grave was the clincher. Alternately, if his testimony wasn't that reliable, why did Simon accept it as 100% accurate?)

And that's how we leave Roarton, with an uneasy truce between living and undead. Maxine murdering Amy seems to have bought the undead some good will for the moment. The give back scheme is still in place, presumably. Or... not? With Maxine gone, who will enforce it? Not that Kieren wants to leave now, but if an undead wants to jaunt off to Paris, can they at least leave the village?

No sign of or mention of Frankie, Haley, or Amir. Darn.

Oh, and then there's the opening and closing scenes, which involve Oliver and Nina (only identified by name in the end credits, I think). They're from Halperin & Weston and know about Amy from Dr. Russo's files. Russo refuses to let himself be intimidated into giving up Amy's address (giving him a little bit of a personality), but they find out anyway (was it a secret?) and dig up her body while confirming that there's still enough time even though Phillip kept them waiting. Presumably to resurrect her, unless the producers plan on keeping one of the more engaging characters on the show dead-dead. And if H&W can resurrect living humans who are dead, or whatever Amy became at the end, that's a whole other can of worms for Series 3.

So overall, Dominic Mitchell pulled off the landing despite some plot holes. Maxine really wasn't as effective a villain as she could be despite the last-hour contradictory attempt to humanize her. But pretty much everyone else got a happy ending, even Amy and Phillip if the hints at the end pan out. Even I shed a tear from my jaded eye when Phillip sat despondently at Amy's grave.

'nuff said

And speaking of which, not to conclude without mentioning Stephen Thompson for special mention. He really was the breakout character for Series 2, and the show seemed to be as much about Phillip as Kieren.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?


* It's DC Comics, look it up.
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