In the Heat of the Night

NBC (ended 1995)





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  • One of the best yet!!

    So much more than just cops and robbers. Honest and often gut wrenching.
  • Classic cop show with a social edge

    This show has some great things to offer. For one you get to see All in the Family's Archie Bunker, or Carrol O'Conner, his real name ,as the chief of police. Just as All in the family, In the heat of the night is not afraid to bring up difficult social issues such as alcoholism, incest or racism, giving it some extra credibility. I features a varied cast of characters all portrayed by a competent cast. Sometimes when you turn on an old show it just feels too old, but when I cranked up the pilot of this one I just wanted more and saw season one in one go. This is good tv.

    This old show has reached the end of the line-Big time! It's long off the air and it's chances of coming back on are extremely slim to none! Why even bother showing it anymore! It's just a boring cop show. That's all it amounts to, really. There's nothing more to say about it!
  • I loved everything about this show,from the cast to the story plots to the writing.This show had it all,what more could you ask for.I wish this show never had ended.

    I loved this show!I loved watching the cast and the charactors that they played. I like how they chosed to film the series on location instead of using some hollywood sound stage or back lot.If i had to choose a favorite charactor,it would have to be "Lonnie Jamison".I had such a huged crush on Hugh O'Connor,it's ashame that he's no longer with us.I loved watching every episode,including the 4 2-hour tv movies that they made. To me, this will always be the best cop show that was ever made,A Real Classic! R.I.P: Carroll & Hugh O'Connor, Howard Rollins,and Lois Nettleton.
  • a group of great cops.

    in the heat of the night is a great cop show. i loved this show because it deals with eveything from drugs rascim, harrisment and absive husbands and rape. its a small town with a white chief of police who in love with a affrian american woman there are still a few rascist people around who are from the south. there is a black dectieve name tibbs. with the local police department they help solve dayly disputes and now and then they solve a murder. i think this show was great and i hope one day soon they bring it back on cable or dvd so the fans can watch it again.
  • One word...GREAT!!

    I love this show! Every episode delt with every imaginable aspect of a typical southern town! Everything was covered as far as day to day life there, and different things that could have happoned on a daily basis. I had to visit Covington, Ga. to see "Sparta" in person! My visit was GREAT! I posted my pictures on my web-site at and click on "Sparta, Miss"
  • The first few years were the best

    ' In the Heat of the Night ' was a show that was really excited about when Caroll O'Connor was first approached about it. He was such a talented actor and this role was perfect for him.
    While the show airred on NBC it was fantastic and was one show I never missed but like most shows they started to make changes and introduce new characters and the show went down hill very quickly.
    After CBS picked it up, The show changed so much that it no longer held your interest. I was thankful though that CBS asked for a number of 2 hour movies during their final years which brought back some of the action that the show had been missing.
  • Bloody awful.

    It's funny about Heat. I actually liked it pretty good during its original network run on NBC. That is, until Howard Rollins left the show and it switched networks. After that, I thought it went downhill fast. Then I starting watching a few reruns on TNT and WGN. I realized to my dismay that Heat had always been a terrible show except for one thing: Howard Rollins. He was consistently outstanding. The remaining cast members weren't worth spitting on. Yes, that includes Carroll O'Connor. His performance on Heat only proved how good Rod Steiger was in the original movie on which the series was based.

    Part of the reason Heat was so bad had to be O'Connor's ego. He held out a couple of times until he was made a co-executive producer and given more control over the storylines. The storylines naturally went from bad to worse. This is why you saw the totally ludicrous situation of a white southern redneck police chief falling in love with and marrying a black city councilwoman. I never bought into the Chief Gillespie/Harriet DeLong romance one iota. If they wanted a romantic interest for O'Connor why didn't they keep Lois Nettleton on the show?

    Speaking of whatever happened to Nettleton there are a lot of questions about Heat I'd like answered. Here are a few:

    1. How many times did Althea get raped on the show? It seemed like she got raped at least once a season.

    2. How many promotions did Bubba get? I think he started out as an ordinary patrolman and ended up as a captain. Bubba seemed to get a promotion every season and he really wasn't that good of a cop.

    3. How could Virgil have kept such an active schedule as a police investigator and still found time to attend law school at night? That one never computed at all.

    4. Why didn't the governor of the state declare martial law with all the murders and other major crimes that were seemingly always occurring in Sparta?

    5. Which actor had the worst southern accent?

    In the Heat of the Night was a true classic when it came to bad television. If you want a good laugh check it out sometime when it appears on one of the cable networks. I still can't figure out why I actually liked this show when it first premiered. Oh, and RIP Howard Rollins. You were always excellent even if everything around you was crap.