In the House - Season 1

NBC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • 4/10/95
    When Jackie Warren's husband goes through a mid-life crisis and announces that he is having an affair, she decides to make a new life for herself. Once a wealthy socialite, she enters the work force for the first time and gets her own place to live. Jackie squeezes into a less-than-lavish but charming house owned by former football player Marion Hill, whose stellar career was ruined by a freak accident. To cover expenses while he trains for a comeback, he moves into the apartment above his garage and rents his main house to Jackie and her two children. The kitchen becomes common ground for the tenants and their landlord. With only two years of law school as her experience, Jackie is hired as a legal assistant by Heather Comstock, a young no-nonsense power attorney. While she's working, Jackie must find someone to take care of her children. Despite her misgivings about Marion, Jackie's overly dramatic teenaged daughter Tiffany and her brainy young son Austin convince her to give him a chance.moreless
  • Female Trouble
    Episode 2
    When a female bully at school harasses Austin, he asks Jackie and Marion for advice. Unfortunately, he must choose between two opposing philosophies: Jackie says he should protect himself and fight back, while Marion advocates a non-violent approach. Meanwhile, Tiffany fights with her boyfriend on the telephone and agonizes about whether to call him back or wait for him to call her.moreless
  • Birthday Presence
    Episode 3
    Jackie is out of the house celebrating her son Austin's birthday, so Marion plans a reunion with his ex-girlfriend, who thinks he still has an active football career. But Jackie unexpectedly brings the party back to the house and upsets Marion's romantic evening. Meanwhile, Heather dates a single father and asks Jackie's advice on bonding with his daughter.moreless
  • 5/1/95
    It's been nearly 20 years since Jackie went on a date, but Marion tries to get her to meet men at a popular night club. However, when Marion's former grade school football coach comes for a visit, Jackie finds an eligible bachelor in her own living room.
  • The Lost Weekend <i>(a.k.a. The Last Weekend)</i>
    Austin persuades Jackie to continue the family tradition of visiting their mountain cabin at the beginning of the spring season. But when Jackie's car breaks down, Marion must drive them. Their plans are thrown into further turmoil by Jackie's ex-husband Milton, who brought his new young bride to the cabin for a romantic weekend.moreless
  • Hats Off
    Episode 6
    Jackie and Heather help Marion get an audition for a sportscaster job on a local news show. Meanwhile, Tiffany participates in a school charity drive to get closer to a cute classmate. Also, Austin asks his family to help him prepare for a school spelling competition.