In the Line of Duty

Premiered Jan 01, 2006 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • The Fight for Fallujah
      Fallujah was an intense, bloody, personal battle. Just as Somalia (Blackhawk Down) defined a generation of Army Rangers, Fallujah created a special breed of Marine for the 21st Century, one schooled in hand-to-hand combat and urban warfare.
    • Alpha Company: Iraq Diary: Episode 3
      When 3rd platoon is hit by an IED, Alpha Company embarks on a plan to capture the head insurgent in the area, known as Scarface. With only weeks left before they rotate, the hunt intensifies when a local family provides information on his whereabouts.
    • Alpha Company: Iraq Diary: Episode 2
      We head out with 2nd Platoon. It's the part of the Iraq story that no one sees, that is never told, that is missing from the public and publicized picture of the war in Iraq. It's an unembellished, truthful, and compelling look inside.
    • Alpha Company: Iraq Diary: Episode 1
      Two men lead Alpha, keeping them focused on the mission at hand, even in the midst of blinding sandstorms and temperatures of 120 ° in the deserts of Iraq. Carrying out mission from agressive combat to police work and winning hearts and minds.
    • Delta Company: A New Era In Baghdad
      A heroic lance corporal detonates a failed line charge by hand, helping Delta Company overcome obstacles at the Diyala Bridge. Amid scattered resistance, the tanks push through to the city. Soldiers interact with civilian populations and combat concludes.
    • Delta Company: The Push to Baghdad
      The Marines of Delta Company stage at the border between Kuwait and Iraq, awaiting the start of combat. As the war begins, Delta Company tanks take the lead, destroying initial resistance and gaining speed, leading a 50 mile-long convoy deeper into Iraq.
    • Task Force Red Dog
      TFRD is the story of Marine Corps reservists, called to active duty and sent to the front line of the war on terror, a "forward operating base" deep in the mountains of Afghanistan. This is the epicenter of the hunt for Osama Bin Laden, and the Taliban.
    • Marine Corps Survival School: Part 2
      Marines are thrown into the wilderness, and must employ a definite set of survival skills, survival in pairs and as a group. These are tough days. It will take every last shred of resolve to see them through. Questions of leadership now become crucial.
    • Marine Corps Survival School: Pt. 1
      The Mountain Warfare Training School is one of the toughest survival schools in the world. Operated by the U.S. Marine Corps, this school turns out uniquely qualified troops able to conduct their war fighting skills in nearly any environment on Earth.
    • Kidnapped
      Episode 1