In the Name of Love

Lifetime (ended 1994)


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In the Name of Love

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In the Name of Love is a biographic-documentary series from David Massar that tells the stories of great romances and strange courtship of some famous and infamous people. Actress Rachel Ward presents the series in thirty-minute segments from the Luttrellstown Castle in Dublin, Ireland, showing audiences how love brought people together and tore them apart. Massar starts the season with the on-and-off-again relationship between actors Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. The show also peeks into the life of Grace Kelly and presents how a Hollywood star gave up her career to become a princess. With Rachel narrating, Massar stages the love story, using archive footage and old celebrity interviews, reconstructing the timeline between each couple's first contact and their walk down the aisle. Non-celebrities also appear during the season when Rachel finds a British couple, Mr. and Mrs. Daschle, who found love during World War II and are still together after forty years of marriage. The romances of other well-known characters, like King Henry the VIII, James Dean, Natalie Wood, Howard Hughes and madam Pearl "Polly" Adler are also showcased in the series.