In the Night Garden

BBC Premiered Mar 19, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Genius at work from the makers of Teletubbies.

    Every sound, every movement, every character is carefully designed and constructed to provide an amazing experience for the very young ... and when you see them watching it with wide eyed excitement, you know it is stimulating their imaginations in a way many boring old adults will never understand.
  • Great

    You can't expect educational shows before bedtime and it doesn't matter whether you like it because it's for children unless of course you watch kid's shows! The point is I know children like it so it's good even if I don't think so.
  • Cool!

  • Stupid Stupid Stupid

    There is absolutely no benefit or point to this show. It will literally make your kids more dumb. There are far better ways to spend time with your kids then making them watch such useless garbage.
  • This show ruins kids brains.

    This show is crap.The characters don't even talk properly,The overall idea is very poor snd this show doesn't even help childrens brains,IT MAKE THEM WORSE!.So just turn of this crap and watch Bubble Guppies and Jake and the neverland pirates that are way more educational than this torturious show.
  • Annoying. No educational value at all for children.

    I have read that this show is intended to help children wind down and get ready for sleep. The scenes in the show are supposed to be dream-like. To be honest, my toddler daughter loves this show, but I think it is terrible. The characters speak in non-sensical language and all the characters and objects in the show have ridiculous names (e.g the train is called a Ninky Nonk). I feel that it hinders children's language development because of all the silly-speak. The narrator does use some normal language and he has a soothing voice, but he does not make up for the speech of the other characters. I find this show incredibly annoying and not at all beneficial for children. I do not allow my daughter to watch it anymore (Super Why and Sesame Street are far superior for pre-schoolers).
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