In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 37

Alex - Week Eight

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2008 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Paul meets with Mr. Prince and talks with him about Alex.

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    • Paul: One thing I do have to stress from the outset is that anything that is said between myself and a patient in this room... is private.
      Alex Prince, Sr.: Even if the patient is dead?
      Paul: Yes, even then.
      Alex Prince, Sr.: Well, I'm sure we'll find something to talk about... something to help me understand what happened to my son.

    • Alex Prince, Sr.: Someone who's paid for their intimacy and their discretion. A man should have someone to talk to who cares about him. Not someone who charges by the hour.

    • Alex Prince, Sr.: I apologize for comparing what you do to, uh, prostitution. I don't believe they're the same at all.
      Paul: Apology accepted.

    • Alex Prince, Sr.: Alex was a military man. Military men have missions. To have a purpose, a sense of purpose. That's something... something you do on your own. Something you want for yourself. Did he have that?
      Paul: I think that Alex was struggling to find out what he wanted for himself.

    • Alex Prince, Sr.: God and me, we've been over for a while. My faith died... when my father died.

    • Alex Prince, Sr.: (about his upbringing of Alex) Strength was essential to survival. Vulnerability was often a death sentence. I wanted him to be safe.

    • Alex Prince, Sr.: (to Paul) Is that how you tried to help Alex? Second-guessing every word that comes out of his mouth? A stranger, completely unfamiliar with his background. You go explaining his world to him.

    • Paul: Your son loved you. And he had huge admiration for you. He told me that.
      Alex Prince, Sr.: Don't tell me that, man. You think that comfort... You think that comforts me? No. I would have rathered... that he hated me. I would have rathered that this was his 'fuck you' to me.
      Paul: Why do you say that?
      Alex Prince, Sr.: For pushing him so hard... To be tougher... than the rest of the world. I was so stupid.

    • Alex Prince, Sr.: I'll tell you, World War III comes... All those people who've been through all of this psychoanalysis, spend hundreds, thousands of dollars, are gonna be the first ones to lose their heads. Darwin had a theory. He called it 'survival of the fittest'. The fittest, not the most self-reflective.

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