In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 17

Alex - Week Four

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 19, 2008 on HBO
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Alex discuses Laura with Paul and wonders whether his therapy is effective or not.

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      • Paul: (to Alex) It must be hard for you to be in this position, to be perceived as weak. And you have this need to regain your strength.

      • Paul: (to Alex) You're very preoccupied with who knows what and who said what. What's important is how you felt about it, how the experience was for you.

      • Alex: (while getting coffee) I realize we're onto something. I just need a break. Respect that.

      • Paul: I think what you're looking for, Alex, is a million-dollar magic trick, and I don't have that. I truly believe there is no simple way to jump across an abyss.

      • Paul: Can I tell you a story?
        Alex: What kind of story?
        Paul: It's a Jewish parable that a friend of mine told me. These two friends are condemned to death. But the king, he liked them and he didn't want to kill them. So, instead, he tied a thin rope across this abyss. And he told them both to walk over the rope. Whoever made it to the other side would be allowed to live. So the first one walked over the rope and he makes it safely to the other side. And after he made it, his friend yells out to him, 'How did you do it?' And the other guy answered, 'I have no idea. All I know is that whenever my weight pulled me to one side, I leaned to the other.'
        Alex: Ain't exactly Lord of the Rings.

      • Alex: I want you to tell me something. Honestly. Do you really think you can help me? If we sit here, we talk about fucking a few times, you'll be able to solve all my problems?
        Paul: I don't have the answer to that question.
        Alex: Yeah, I knew you'd say that. You know, that's what kills me about you people. 'Cause any other professional... I go to a doctor, he takes a look and he says, 'This what you got. This is how long you have to live.' If I went to a mechanic, he'd say, '$2,000, it'll be good as new.' But you people, you don't guarantee shit.

      • Alex: OK. I'll tell you what happened. Otherwise, you won't feel like you're doing your job, right? But before I start, something I've gotta know. Did you ever jerk off to anything a patient told you?
        Paul: What?
        Alex: Come on. Come on. I mean, you must hear some crazy stories from women. Explicit shit. Fantasies. Did you ever jerk off afterwards?
        Paul: Are you concerned that I'll masturbate to something that you tell me, Alex?
        Alex: Me? No. I'm talking about you've got women, they sit here on your couch. They tell you all about fucking. It must get to you sometimes. I know it would get to me.
        Paul: Do you masturbate?
        Alex: There you go again, you're answering a question with a question.
        Paul: All right. I'll answer with an answer. I'm a human being. I masturbate sometimes. My fantasies are about many, many things. All sorts of women. Is that what you wanted to hear? That in that regard I'm not that substantially different from you?
        Alex: That's the first time you've ever answered one of my questions. In any case, you won't masturbate to me and Laura's story, I guarantee you that. You may think of it the next time you're having sex with your wife and you're trying not to come.

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