In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 32

Alex - Week Seven

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2008 on HBO
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Paul is doubtful that Alex is ready for everything available to him, but he insists he is and is committed to moving forward with his life.

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    • Alex: Guilt is not an issue for a pilot in a time of war. We're not trained to think that way.
      Paul: I'm not asking what you think. I'm asking you to tell me what you feel.
      Alex: And I'm telling you it doesn't matter.

    • Alex: (talking to Paul about his son) You should have seen him. He was a different person. He was open, he was outgoing. It's like he bloomed in my absence. Well, not bloomed. Jeez, he's not a fucking flower. It's like he spread his wings. Yeah, that's what it was like.

    • Alex: My father, he pulls me into a room and he just ripped into me. He says, 'You are pathetic. One thing goes wrong in your little cushy life and you turn soft as butter.' He didn't understand why I wasn't eager to fly again or why I was away from home doing God knows what with God knows who, like a fucking teenager. He says, 'You disappoint me, boy. I raised you to be stronger than that. I raised you to be a man.' And he wanted to know who put all these ideas in my head. Who turned me into a... what did he... who turned me into a selfish, whining little bitch. Was it the fags I was hanging around with? Or was it... and this one he really seized on... was it the shrink?

    • Alex: This is not for everyone, you know, this self-examination. Some of us... we just need to live our lives, man.

    • Paul: (to Alex) You see, these issues with your father, with your own identity, with what you really want for yourself. These things, they have to be looked at. Don't you think it would be better to deal with them here on the ground than have them follow you 20,000 feet into the air?

    • Paul: Alex, if I was you, I would stay in therapy. I would continue to deal with the complex, difficult issues that we've been talking about. Not sweep them under the carpet, like you've been doing in your life. I can tell you one thing -- they will creep up on you again.
      Alex: But you won't tell me not to fly. You know, you're wrong. I don't make mistakes. When I'm up in the sky, that's when I'm in control. (smiles) You don't get it yet. I am the best.

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