In Treatment

Season 2 Episode 17

April - Week Four

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2009 on HBO
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Episode Summary

In April's latest session Paul steps over the mark when he scrutinises April's worries about her family.

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  • Wow, this show is awesome.

    Incredible episode. Possibly the best of the season thus far.

    Not only was the actual session fast-moving (I got a kick out of how April asked if they were over 7 minutes in) but we had a great moment at the end with Paul going the limit to save his patient's life. In Treatment has just been so believable and realistic that season that I almost forget I'm watching a scripted series and not a documentary sometimes.

    Everything I said about April's sessions being boring, well, it looks like I have to eat crow, because as good as this episode was I have a feeling the best is yet to come.moreless

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    • April: (about Daniel's teacher) He got Daniel to wear a helmet for a while. And Daniel thought the... helmet gave him special powers. He thought it made him...
      Paul: What? It made him what, April? Just stay with the thought. It made him what?
      April: He thought it made him smart.

    • Paul: Did he actually say that? 'I want to die'?
      April: No, he says he wants to turn into a cloud and float away, but he knows what would happen to him if he stepped off a building. He's not stupid. He just... He gets so tired of everything feeling so strange.

    • Paul: (talking about her mother) It's okay, Paul. I could handle it. I wanted to handle it. She gets overwhelmed. She needs to vent.
      April: So after she vents and she puts the stress, the disappointment, and the worry of her own life on your shoulders, who do you turn to? Or do you just carry it with you, your burden and hers?

    • Paul: Every life is... It's a constellation of choices. Nobody escapes making them.

    • Paul: (to April) You can't predict the future. You can't control it. The only thing you can do in relation to the future now is to decide whether or not you want to be in it.

    • Paul: Two minutes ago you were passed out on the couch. Now you're off to save the world.
      April: I'm not going to save the world. I'm going to save my brother.

    • Paul: It's possible to live in a world where people panic, where people let each other down, where they disappoint each other but still help each other.

    • Paul: (to April) So to help someone is... is torture. It's unbelievably painful. It's hell. Yeah? If you let me help you, I will hate you for it. Yeah? And I'll probably fail you anyway. Yeah?

    • Paul: Last week you said that the things we discuss in this room make sense while you're here, and then when you leave everything changes. What is it about this room that makes things seem... different?
      April: I don't know. The isolation, the detachment. You.

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    • April: He's the Anne Sullivan to Daniel's Helen Keller.

      Anne Sullivan is most known for being the lifelong companion and teacher of Helen Keller, the first deafblind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a strong voice in numerous progressive causes in the early 20th century.