In Treatment

Season 2 Episode 27

April - Week Six

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 17, 2009 on HBO
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April has a strong accusation that she throws at Paul, causing him to tell her the reason for what he did.

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  • Filler.

    Didn't April say in a previous session how she could never say her parents did anything wrong, referring specifically to the time she fell out of a window? That was contradicted tonight by April writing a weekly list of flaws and putting it on her parents pillow. That development seemed unnecessary to me as the relationship between April and her parents was already intense enough without adding this in. This seemed really filler to me though. There was just nothing accomplished this week and it seemed like more of the same yelling between Paul and April that we have seen show after show.moreless

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    • Paul: I'm just worried that what happened last weekend may have changed our relationship.
      April: We have no relationship.

    • April: I'll tell you what happened. You got scared. You didn't want to be my emergency contact...
      Paul: April...
      April: ...You didn't want that responsibility...
      Paul: April, that is not...
      April: ...If I had a patient who asked me not to call her mother, I would never have called her mother!
      Paul: You don't have children!

    • Paul: (talking about Leah, April's friend) So she loved you when you were a child. She got inside before you closed the gates.
      April: That's so depressing.
      Paul: Is it? To have one person who really knows who you are.

    • April: Do you think I'm insecure?
      Paul: Do you?
      April: There's no good way for me to answer that question. If I say 'No', I'm a narcissist. And if I say 'Yes', I'm a loser.
      Paul: Well, the way I see it, if you say 'No', you're perfect. If you say 'Yes', it means you're human.

    • Paul: You've got cancer. You decided to fight it alone, just as you've always done. You didn't tell your mother, but you came to see me. You told me. Because you knew, on some level, that I would eventually tell your mother. And you would become her hero, again.
      April: That is so fucked up.
      Paul: I don't think it is, April. I think you saved yourself the only way you know how.

    • April: I thought the cancer would clean me out of all this bullshit. I thought I would finally stop obsessing over how to be the best at everything. And all the reasons I should hate myself and everyone else. I thought I'd... finally start to think about the big picture, but... It's just gotten darker inside my head. I don't believe in anything anymore. I don't believe in love. Or my mother. Or my body. Or you.

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