In Treatment

Season 2 Episode 12

April - Week Three

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 19, 2009 on HBO
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Episode Summary

April comes to terms with why she has independence issues and how this is connected to when she was younger.

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  • Angry Paul!

    In the last episode of In Treatment we saw Paul conceal his anger as a result of Mia bringing up his past with Laura, but in this session it was used as a catalyst to get April to admit that she needs to inform her mother about her stage three cancer.

    April's episodes have not been my favorite this season, but this was an intriguing exception. We saw her show some fire, show some delusion and the viewer really got a glimpse into the difficult world of today's college students.

    A good Sunday edition of In Treatment. Let us hope today's episodes are just as good.moreless

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    • April: You know what I like best about you?
      Paul: What? My morbid sense of humor?
      April: Your eyes... Your eyes are... bottomless.

    • Paul: When you said that the poison was running through your veins, can I tell you what I thought of immediately?
      April: Chemo.
      Paul: Cancer.
      April: Same thing.
      Paul: No, it isn't. You can choose not to have chemo.

    • Paul: So falling is something that you're afraid of and yet you're attracted to it at the same time.
      April: What does that mean?
      Paul: When you're awake, you work so hard to keep everybody and everything under your control. So in your dreams, it makes sense that you find yourself finally falling. Releasing everything, letting everything go. Because it's a kind of fantasy for you.

    • Paul: Your empathy is... It's admirable, April. But it can be really draining trying to feel everyone else's feelings as well as your own.

    • April: Why would I be jealous of Daniel?
      Paul: Maybe because your mother never closes her eyes to him. Daniel was allowed to show your parents how he was feeling. When he got upset, hurt or scared, they knew it, whereas you had to be perfect.

    • Paul: (talking to April about her mother) You say that you want to protect her, but surely you know that if you were to die, if you were to die, she would never... and I know this. I can tell you this as a father... if that happened to me, I would never ever recover.

    • April: (about telling her mother) What am I supposed to say? How am I supposed to tell her that her daughter...
      Paul: You mean you. You.
      April: That I have cancer? No, I can't. It's too horrible.
      Paul: Horrible as it is, not telling her is more horrible.

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    • April: Did you ever read that book On the Beach?

      Written by British-Australian author Nevil Shute, On the Beach was a 1957 post-apocalytpic novel on the events surrounding the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. It was made into a film in 1959.