In Treatment

Season 2 Episode 30

Gina - Week Six

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 18, 2009 on HBO
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Paul turns the tables on Gina by questioning her about her relationship with her parents.

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  • Gina Week Six.

    I do not often enjoy these Gina sessions, but this episode was nothing short of riveting. In the same way I found it remarkable that Paul finally broke Walter it was equally as dramatic when Gina furiously responded to Paul and gave her real feelings about him.

    I think I liked this episode because the session actually went somewhere. It was no longer just a glorified whinefest, but Paul actually got some direction in his life and now has a massive decision to make in regards to sending the letter, while Gina has to question her faith in Paul as a therapist and the system in general based on how he bashed it.moreless

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    • Paul: Sometimes I think the whole country is on hold.
      Gina: Nobody is being helped.
      Paul: They don't even call it 'help' any more. They call it 'customer support.' That's 'cause all they really do is say, 'I'm sorry you have a problem. That's too bad.' Well, you know what? I don't want support. I want your help.

    • Paul: (talking about his lawyer) According to this guy, therapy is bullshit. He says people go into treatment hoping that the therapist is gonna fix them. But that therapists either don't solve people's problems. Or they make them worse.

    • Gina: Is that what you want to do, make people happy?
      Paul: Absolutely, I want to make people happy. What do you want to do, fuck them up even more?

    • Paul: (to Gina) You're scared of taking responsibility for your patients' lives. You don't actually want to get involved with them. I do. So you still cling to this dogma of letting them make their own decisions. But that, in my opinion, that's not professionalism. That's cowardice.

    • Gina: You tell me you're no help to your patients, but when you describe them, it's clear to me how carefully you listen. You have a great ear. You have a great sense of empathy.
      Paul: Then why am I failing them?
      Gina: It's not about you, Paul. You know, they're human beings. They're struggling with profound problems. If only you could find courage to sit with the fact that what we do is hard and sometimes, it makes you feel like an idiot. It's a humbling profession. And if you lack anything as a therapist, it's humility. Somehow you have to learn to tolerate the fact that we don't save people. We can't.

    • Paul: (about caring for his children) Sometimes I feel like I'm this great tree giant, powerful, and they're gonna live their whole lives beneath my shade. And then sometimes I feel... I feel like all my leaves have just fallen away... And I can't do anything for them... except... block the view.

    • Paul: That's what I've been saying, I don't want to see my patients.
      Gina: See your patients, Paul. Act as if you believe you're helping.

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