In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 19

Jake and Amy - Week Four

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 21, 2008 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Paul seeks to learn why Jake and Amy's relationship is so fickle.

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    • Amy: See what my word is worth?
      Jake: A liar shouldn't expect their word to be worth anything.
      Amy: Baby, you think I lie? I'm gonna start some real lying to teach you a lesson.

    • Amy: God, what happened?
      Jake: With what?
      Amy: With us. I'm asking you what happened.
      Jake: What happened? What happened was we started coming here. That's what happened.

    • Jake: You see, Paul, to Amy anyone without a PhD or a Swiss bank account is unsuccessful.
      Amy: A PhD? How about a GED?

    • Paul: It's interesting to me that the things that... That drew you together in the first place are the things that seem to annoy you about each other. It's very interesting...
      Jake: One more 'it's interesting', And I swear to God I'm gonna fucking deck you, OK?

    • Paul: Ending a conflict isn't the best thing for the relationship, because you get so used to fighting each other that you might lose interest if the conflict ends.

    • Paul: Do you mind me asking you, how did your affair, how did it begin?
      Amy: Jake asked me to stay after the class. He insisted that I stay.
      Jake: Two to tango.
      Amy: The studio was out by Gossamer Road and... He asked me to go for a walk after the class. There was a woman nearby that rented horses. We went riding at sunset. It was very romantic. And we stopped along this river and Jake said, 'Get off your horse.' I said, 'Why?' He said, 'Just get off, Amy.' So I did, but he stayed on his horse and I couldn't see him because the sun was sort of blinding me and he said, 'Take off your clothes.'
      (Amy takes a long pause)
      Amy: And it was so sexy, I c... I just... I couldn't breathe. I was speechless. But I took them off. And he got off his horse and he came over to me. And I could... I could feel his breath on my face and I could hear the horses stamping their feet and I just... I couldn't help myself. I just couldn't help myself.
      (Jake smiles while looking at Paul, who seems very interested in the story)
      Jake: Amy, where do I know that from?
      Amy: Do you like it?
      Jake: (affirmative) Mm-hmm.
      Amy: Patrick Thomas. One of your favorites.
      Jake: Oh, right. You remembered it by heart?
      Amy: I embellished a little.
      Jake: Shit, for a minute there I thought that really happened. What really happened, Paul, was after one of the guitar lessons we went out for a drink, got drunk, and fucked in her car.

    • Amy: We are so predictable.
      Jake: What does that mean?
      Amy: It means the opposite of unpredictable.

    • Paul: Sorry about that. I had to take that call.
      Amy: Do you usually take calls in the middle of a session?
      Jake: That's OK. Did something happen to one of your patients?
      Paul: A friend's daughter. She's okay now.
      Amy: I don't understand. If it wasn't serious, why did you have to be available?
      Jake: What are you bitching about?
      Amy: I just...
      Jake: Did we lose a minute?
      Amy: I don't know. I just want to understand.
      Paul: Er, it was an emergency, Amy. And uh, I apologize.
      Jake: Actually, Amy has a point. A minute with you isn't cheap. It's $200 at... Fifty minutes... That'd be...
      Amy: Four dollars a minute, Einstein.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Amy: He was... up on the stage singing "She Belongs to Me".

      "She Belongs to Me" is 1965 song by Bob Dylan from his album Bringing It All Back Home. It is considered to be among his first anti-love songs.