In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 14

Jake and Amy - Week Three

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2008 on HBO
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Amy has had a miscarriage and Jake is suspicious of her reaction.

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  • Amy shows up for the appointment and discusses her miscarriage with Paul, while Paul suffers more marital issues.

    I'm not sure what it is about Jake and Amy, but what's up with Paul and Kate arguing only on the Thursdays, when Jake and Amy show up? As strange as it is, it creates a pretty good contrast between the two couples. Both couples have issues with each other, and while the issues themselves are vastly different, the outcome is the same: both relationships are on the brink of being destroyed.

    Unlike the first episode, Amy showed up alone this time, talking about her reaction to the miscarriage. She feels no pain or feelings of anger; instead, she claims she feels relieved. Paul and Amy finally start opening up to each other, and after awhile, Jake arrives with his usual fury and creates an awkward situation by once again accusing Amy of infidelities and chastising Paul for not doing a good job with them. I've found it quite interesting the way that Jake and Amy's meetings have just about all been cut short by one thing or another.

    Then we had another short argument between Paul and Kate, this time about the fact that Kate will be going on a vacation of sorts with the man she's having an affair with. Paul is furious and Kate continues to try to defend herself, claiming Paul doesn't pay enough attention. Gabriel Byrne flies away with the show when he's given these scenes with Kate.. and Michelle Forbes (Kate) is at her best in these scenes as well.

    Overall, I didn't feel particularly overwhelmed by the aftermath, but good writing along with another Paul/Kate scene saved this from feeling aimless.moreless

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    • Jake: Doc, my wife's paranoid. Can you treat that?
      Amy: (to Jake) You're so crass it's frightening.

    • Paul: (to Jake) Do you feel it's damaging for Amy to talk to me?
      Jake: Well, if she leaves our child on your couch, it is.

    • Jake: (to Amy) You're hitting on our therapist too? You are fucking unbelievable. Why? Because he's a doctor? He could be your father.
      Amy: Sorry, Paul.
      Jake: Don't apologize for me, all right?

    • Amy: (to Jake) You shit! What do you mean, 'on the prowl'? What am I? Some fucking animal in heat?

    • Paul: What about your kids?
      Kate: I don't know. Maybe they'll suddenly discover they have a father.
      Paul: You're doing this for them? You're having an affair so that they can rediscover their father.
      Kate: No, I'm doing it for me.

    • Kate: I don't intend to feel guilty, you know.
      Paul: I'm not really interested in what you feel.
      Kate: You have made that perfectly clear!
      Paul: Just close the door behind you.

    • Jake: This has been great, Paul. Couple more of these, and we can trade you in for a good divorce attorney.

    • Paul: Where does he think you are?
      Amy: Who knows? Maybe fucking Reeves.
      Paul: Your boss?
      Amy: (affirmative) Mm-hm. That's all right, let him think that.
      Paul: Is he attracted to you - Reeves?
      Amy: Why wouldn't he be?
      Paul: And what about you?
      Amy: Doctor, I'm a married woman!

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