In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 16

Laura - Week Four

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2008 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Laura tells Paul about her budding relationship with Alex.

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  • Paul and Laura have a tense session

    The tension in the room as Laura came for her fourth week of therapy in the show was as tense as anything I've seen on TV. Starting off with Paul's fantasy of Laura and Alex kissing and being intimate in his office and right into Laura's very vivid and graphic description of the sexual encounter that she and Alex shared, it was almost painful to watch Paul sit there and take it as a mature adult. If there were ever any doubts that Paul had feelings for Laura, they should be gone by now. He was clearly masking some intense emotions.

    Then came the moment: he finally admitted to her face that there was some level of intimacy there that was much more than simply doctor/patient relationship. After he admitted it, there was a huge change in their dynamic. They seemed flirty with each other, almost as if him admitting that there was a connection made them more open to each other. It has been a weight on Paul's shoulder, as we learned from last week's meeting with Gina. It should be interesting to see how their relationship blossoms.

    It should be equally interesting to see how Alex interprets his meeting with Laura.moreless

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    • Laura: (talking about Alex) Everything was so proper. I didn't want proper. I just wanted him to fuck. Without all the bullshit about my shampoo and my beautiful breasts and my excellent taste in curtains.

    • Laura: I was completely in my own head, and I was thinking to myself, 'shit, this is gonna be the saddest orgasm of my life.' Here I am riding this hot, sad guy's thigh. I was expecting something pitiful and measly, right? But no. A volcano is a cliche, but that's what it was. It was like 10 orgasms exploding at once. It's hard to describe.

    • Laura: Paul, if there's one thing that I put right out there, without hinting or manipulation, is that I've wanted you. So I don't need to fuck another man just to get my message across.

    • Laura: (talking to Paul about breaking up with Andrew) He'll make a nice husband for someone who deserves him. But obviously not for you? I nearly fuck guys in bathroom stalls, as you very kindly reminded me. I just couldn't stand up there in front of everyone, promise to... Well, I just shouldn't ever make promises. I promise not to make any more promises. How's that?

    • Laura: (to Paul) We've been together for a year. A year. There is more intimacy between us than most couples in the world. Isn't that right?

    • Laura: (to Paul) Something in you is restless, damaged. There's a yearning there, and I know it when I see it. And I want you just the way you are... Damaged and restless, yearning... Warts and all.

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