In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 31

Laura - Week Seven

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2008 on HBO



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    • (Paul asking Rosie about her friend)
      Paul: So, what's his name?
      Rosie: Uh, he doesn't have a name.
      Paul: He, he doesn't have a name?
      Rosie: Nope. Actually, he believes that uh, names are anchors that weigh down the soul.
      Paul: Please tell me you're kidding.
      Rosie: I'm kidding. His name is Noah.

    • Paul: You've always been good at that -- taking people under your wing.
      Rosie: What's wrong with that?
      Paul: Nothing. It's what I love about you.

    • Ian: If I'm having a midlife crisis at 20, does that mean I'm not gonna live past 40?

    • (after Paul tells his son that he 'met someone')
      Ian: What do you want me to say, Dad? That you're a total asshole and shithead?
      Paul: Well, maybe you should say I'm a total asshole and a shithead, because I think that's what you're thinking.

    • (talking about Kate)
      Ian: I mean the woman has a martyr complex. I don't know how you could deal with it.
      Paul: Martyr? That woman put her career on hold for 15 years for you. She took you to baseball games. She took you to guitar lessons. She was always there for you. I think she's entitled to some kind of gratitude along the line, don't you think?

    • Ian: Whatever.
      Paul: Don't say that word to me. 'Whatever.' God, I hate that word. 'Whatever.' It's such a copout.

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    • International Airdates

      Finland: March 19, 2009 on YLE TV1
      United Kingdom: November 16, 2009 on Sky Arts 1/Sky Arts 1 HD

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