In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 11

Laura - Week Three

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 11, 2008 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Laura arrives late, causing Paul to question their sessions.

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  • Laura is late, and Paul seems to be grumpier than usual

    It was pretty intense to see how volatile Paul was towards Laura. It's clear that he's taking Gina's advice and attempting to switch her to a different therapist, but it's also clear that there's some unresolved feelings towards her that he's having trouble kicking. For the most part, nothing really happened in the episode.. Laura tries to explain why she was late, but Paul suspects she was late on purpose and actually tries making a big deal out of nothing. Usually, Paul is pretty quiet and restrained when it comes to his patients, but every now and then, he explodes, and I found this to be one of those moments.

    The most interesting part of the episode came when Laura ran into Alex and the two seemed to spark some sort of connection. With Alex coming in the next day, it should be interesting to see if Alex will bring it up. If this becomes a large part of the show, it could make Laura's therapy sessions MUCH more interesting than they already are. For the most part, I like her sessions, but they mostly bore me at times.

    However, the show is still riveting and even it's lesser episodes are more interesting than a lot of other shows on TV.moreless

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    • Paul: What would you like to talk about today?
      Laura: You act as if you don't know me, Paul. That's what pisses me off the most. You look at me as if, 'remind me again what your name is.'

    • Laura: (to Paul) When you said you didn't want me, my first instinct was to tell you, 'Who cares? I don't want this. I won't come.' But then I realized that was not your fault. It's my fault. You don't owe me anything. You don't have to love me in return.

    • Laura: I'm getting married in a few months. I need to, uh, conserve every last drop of energy for my wedding.
      Paul: You're finding it requires energy that you don't have? I thought brides were supposed to be whirling dervish of activity.
      Laura: (smiles) Oh my God. The word 'bride' creeps me out.

    • Paul: (to Laura) Therapy should not be a constant source of humiliation for you. You really deserve more.

    • Laura: No matter how hard you try to be different, you end up looking like everybody else, even worse.
      (Laura pauses for a little)
      Laura: God, I wish I could just get married in Vegas. No caterers, no guests, just an alcoholic justice of the peace and a transvestite organ player.

    • Laura: (laughs) Now I see why they laugh at shrinks and all their bullshit. 'What did you really mean? What does that really mean?' It's bullshit.

    • Laura: I was late and you're kicking me out of therapy? Fucking hell, use the belt. It's a more humane punishment.

    • (Laura finds a belt on the couch and holds it)
      Laura: What, were you going to punish me for being late?

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