In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 6

Laura - Week Two

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 04, 2008 on HBO
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Paul is surprised when Laura makes a revelation regarding her boyfriend.

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  • Laura has big news for Paul

    I completely agreed with Paul here, and I think the conversation with her about the bends was a perfect addition: the change of mood from last episode to this episode was a huge shock for audience AND Paul, and I think that Laura's obsession and love for Paul is not quite as simple as she may make it seem. Sure, she doesn't stalk him or anything (that he knows of), but the fact that she's willing to marry her boyfriend that she doesn't really want to marry to make a point to Paul is mind-boggling.

    I'm glad that the writing is not turning Laura into a crazy stalker woman. I think the show is better than that and wouldn't resort to that sort of thing. However, she's walking a fine line between crazy and damaged, and I'm looking forward to learning more about Laura's past to perhaps explain why exactly she is doing this. There's still seven sessions left, but after seeing Paul's session with Gina the week before, it's clear that he has issues with Kate that Laura is complicating. The scene at the beginning was a perfect set-up for the scene at the end, where Laura asks him straight up: do you want me?

    I like that the show focuses on mostly talking, but I was glad to see some scenes that focused on outside of his therapy, even if it's just a few moments. I think the show needs more of this to give us a better idea of Paul's life. Sometimes, less is more, and when there's so much talking, it's very easy to explain everything instead of showing it. Showing the relationship between Kate and whatnot was smart and more scenes like that would help.moreless
  • Laura laura Laura... or was it Linda? This girl is in bits. Fascinating, sexy , A woman you would not want as a daughter..from a fathers point of view. Paul... your going to struggle with this one.moreless

    I can not wait for Laura week 3 to come. What a great actress she is !! Paul ... How could you not resist the temptation of this beautiful young lady... practically throwing her self at you ? She was even wearing a nurses costume !!! I have pretty much enjoyed the last week, am very impressed by the series so far. And I can fully understand Paul getting mighty pissed at some of his patience. I know what I would do to some of them. (And It would not be keeping my cool.) :-) Maybe thats why I am a truck driver, and not a shrink.moreless

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    • Laura: You know, Paul, I'm, I'm generally open to your interpretations, but right now it just seems like you're trying to be a bit of a...
      Paul: Killjoy?
      Laura: Killjoy, yes, something like that. So don't. Especially since joy is a very rare thing when it comes to me.

    • Laura: You know what, Paul? I don't want a depressing session. I want a happy session. I came with good news, so show a little support.

    • Laura: (talking to Paul about agreeing to marry Andrew) You really don't understand why I said yes to him? It was because you said no to me.

    • Paul: In your... fantasy... How would I respond to you saying... that you are... Let's say, (using air quotes) 'in love with me'?
      Laura: First of all, take the quotation marks off the 'in love with me.' It's insulting. And stop with the fantasy talk, because fantasies are for silly little girls. You know, we're talking about reality, which is that I'm in love with you.

    • Paul: I don't think there's anything beneath our dignity if it takes us someplace our dignity refuses to go.

    • Paul: Perhaps I'm an alternative to everything that Andrew represents... Dependency, anxiety. But I am not a realistic option for you. This is a safe place where you can come, like David at the beach.
      Laura: Yes, but with one big difference.
      Paul: What's that?
      Laura: I don't want you to adopt me, I want you to fuck me.

    • Laura: You know what thought of you the first time I saw you?
      Paul: What?
      Laura: I thought you looked like a dead man. I thought... beneath that professional exterior is a man who stopped living. I wanted to take your heart in my hands and just pump life into it.

    • (talking about a new mother)
      Laura: She said her wildest sexual fantasy was to sleep four hours straight.
      Paul: Does that scare you a little?
      Laura: Oh my God. I'd die if I turned into a lousy lay. You know, someone who gets fucked in her sleep and can't even remember.

    • (talking about a new mother and the past relation with her fiancee)
      Laura: And at one point she took her boob out of the baby's mouth and squeezed it, and some milk squirted out. And I look over to Andrew and he has this admiring smile on his face, you know, like he was looking at some masterpiece in a museum. Like the Madonna.
      Paul: What do you think he saw? Maybe an image of you and he together in the future, maybe?
      Laura: Or maybe he just misses her tits. No, not really, they're not that nice.

    • Paul: So... so you'll be a summer bride.
      Laura: Evidently so.
      Paul: Well. Congratulations.
      Laura: Thank you. So, are you happy for us?
      Paul: Is that important to you?
      Laura: Well, if you're going to be a guest at our wedding you'd better be happy for us.

    • Laura: Is sex something you forget to do or is it like riding a bike?

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