In Treatment

Season 2 Episode 21

Mia - Week Five

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 03, 2009 on HBO
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In Mia's latest session, they look over some of the biggest issues that life throws at us.

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  • Mia Week 5.

    As much as I love writing reviews it is getting difficult to construct them five times per week for In Treatment when there is not always a lack of variety between each session.

    This week we saw Mia grow a little bit and it looks like there could be a relationship between Mia and Paul developing, at the very least on a psychological level. I think this is one of the sessions that will end on a happy note, but I'm hoping Mia and Paul don't get together as that would be a weak payoff and too similar to last season.moreless
  • Paul deals with his grief, and Mia has huge news for him that will change her life (and possibly their relationship) forever.

    Mia is a compelling character due to her past with Paul. It was interesting to find out from last week's session with Gina that Paul envisions himself with someone like her. I think it changes the way you watch and interpret the sessions. Will Mia's news that she is pregnant change the way he feels about her and/or his ability to find someone that is right for him? So far his relationships have been difficult and the one person he did try to pursue (Laura) did not work out. Will the same happen with Mia? Is Mia just trying to correct past mistakes? Does she really want this baby? Does she somehow believe that having this baby will bring her and Paul closer (even though he has told her that they will not be a family)?

    Mia has grown on me over the season. I hope she continues to grow as a character. Like the other reviewer, I hope that they take her story somewhere new rather than down paths the show has already taken.moreless

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    • Mia: Some things are bigger than protocol, aren't they? I mean, life and death, and losing a father.

    • Paul: Well, are you worried I'm lonely?
      Mia: No offense, but I can see it in your face.

    • (after learning that she was pregnant)
      Mia: There's this preschool on my block that I always avoid because it's... moms with their humvee strollers blocking everyone, like they're privileged because they procreated. Now I just walk through smiling.

    • Mia: Hey, I'm pregnant. I thought that you would be happy, that we'd celebrate.

    • Mia: For me she was less of a mom and more of a vase... beautiful, but hard to the touch.
      Paul: That's a very powerful image.
      Mia: She was beautiful until I ruined her figure.
      Paul: Oh yes... her mantra.

    • (Paul's father just died recently.)
      Paul: I'm fine, Mia.
      Mia: If I said 'I'm fine' four times, you would be all over me. You're not even in the room, emotionally. Admit it. Why did you look at your watch?
      Paul: It's my father's watch.

    • Mia: Why do people have children anyhow? They want little versions of themselves to gaze up and say 'I love you'? They want to relive their own childhoods? That... that is the last thing I want to do.

    • Mia: And now, I just want you to tell me that having a baby means I won't be alone for the rest of my life.
      Paul: Actually, I can tell you that in my experience, at times it feels like when you have a child, you'll never be alone again. Or even have a moment to yourself.

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