In Treatment

Season 2 Episode 16

Mia - Week Four

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2009 on HBO
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Paul realises he may have been the reason Mia was out of control over the weekend and needs to work to fix the problem.

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  • Mia Week Four.

    In my review for the last episode "Gina Week Three" I commented on how the cursing seemed a bit too distracting. This episode "Mia Week Four" was equally as raunchy, but in a different way as we heard the patient graphically describe her sexual escapades from the following weekend.

    This episode was still really good, and I loved the bit about Mia wanting to eat breakfast in the kitchen as a sign of power and needing to be special. Can anybody else analyze people like Paul? Probably not, but there aren't too many other therapy shows out there to compare it to.moreless

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    • Mia: What's wrong? Can't I have some breakfast?
      Paul: Yes, of course you can. I just wonder why you can't have it in the other room.
      Mia: Alright. Well, you wonder and I'm gonna eat.

    • Mia: Lawyers are the worst in bed because they always have to be on top, you know? And Bennett's penis is the size of a pen cap. No, an almond... erect. And who wants to fuck a little nut, right?

    • Mia: (describing the sex she had with the guitar player) We changed positions constantly. I mean, thank goodness I go to the gym a lot. It was like the sex Olympics with the pommel horse and the handstands, straddle splits, stuck landing.
      Paul: Well, that sounds like quite a performance.

    • Paul: So in one weekend you found two men who were better than Bennett?
      Mia: Yeah, I was trying to fuck that man out of me forever.

    • Paul: So do you feel that I'm judging you?
      Mia: Why don't you just say it, Paul?
      Paul: What?
      Mia: That I fucked two strangers and that it was immature! That it was self-destructive.
      Paul: And that's what you want to hear?
      Mia: Shut up. Just talk like a person.

    • Paul: I mean, when you have an affair with a married man, he has secrets with you. Secrets with you instead of his wife. He's closer to you because you're his favorite. It's kind of similar in a way to what you were doing this morning. I mean, instead of sitting on the couch, you wanted to have breakfast in the kitchen with me, together, so that you'd feel different from my other patients. Special.

    • Paul: Do you think it's possible that to separate from your father is to risk being entirely alone? But to stay with him is to be uncomfortably close?
      Mia: Why are you doing this? My dad is all I have.

    • Mia: This is like antitherapy. I walk in here feeling great, I'm gonna leave feeling like crap.

    • Mia: I want someone to go home to. Someone to be in my bed with me. Somebody who holds me when I cry. I just want that.

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