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In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 40

Paul and Gina - Week Eight

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2008 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Gina surprises Paul after he questions whether therapy actually helps.

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      • Paul: You know who I envy? Writers. They create these characters that they want to spend time with and then they decide if they're gonna let them live or die, or let them be happy or unhappy. Let them be failures or successes.
        Gina: You wanna write everybody's story for them?
        Paul: I really think I'd be a shitty writer. I'd want to give everybody a happy ending.

      • Paul: I'd forgotten how awful funerals are. That dreadful sense that... that in the end, there's only silence. You think as therapists, we'd have better tools to walk through it. Well, I don't. I feel the same sense of... futility and hopelessness as the next guy.

      • Gina: It's not your place, Paul. A patient can't ask you to take his life into your hands. It's not your place to say, 'Don't fly'. Any more than it's your place to say to that couple, 'Have an abortion'. Or to Laura, 'Marry or don't marry your fiancé'.

      • Paul: He [Alex] said things were in the unconscious for a reason because the mind can not live or breathe or take a single step if everything that lies dormant in it were... out there in daylight, fully laid out. That a fully conscious human being would be paralyzed. Would be like a cripple.

      • Paul: Just ask yourself, as a therapist, can you really help anybody if you live in a bubble?
        Gina: So now, I'm a sleepy spider in a bubble?
        Paul: Look, I don't want to upset you Gina, I...
        Gina: You won't.
        Paul: I forgot, of course... You don't get upset. You never lose it.
        Gina: I've lost it here with you, several times in the past few weeks.

      • Gina: (to Paul) You wanna know what I struggle with? It's not that I'm too reserved, too detached. It's that I'm too emotional. I'm impulsive and emotional. And I give myself over right away. And passionately. I pour myself out. Can't you see that I'm protecting myself? Because I'm afraid I get carried away, I won't be able to think. I won't be able to analyze. I won't be able to work. You've created this cold version of me that's limiting and castrating. Because when you're arguing with me, you want to see yourself as battling the forces of repression. And if the truth is that I am an emotional person who has to rein herself in, it doesn't fit with what you need now, does it?

      • Gina: (to Paul) Perhaps, you're right. Maybe love can bloom in a therapist's office. Ethics and rules. Love is bigger than any rules.

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      • Gina: Yes, Paul. I have been more than a sleepy spider.

        During their first meeting, Paul referred to as someone who's "been sitting here like a sleepy old spider, just waiting, waiting for something like this to happen."