In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 25

Paul and Gina - Week Five

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 29, 2008 on HBO
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Kate accompanies Paul to therapy. The couple discuss their marriage.

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      • Paul: I know in couples therapy you try not to blame each other and I'm always telling my patients that, you know, like it's the simplest thing. Now here I am and... I can't stop blaming.

      • Paul: (to Kate) You, the kids, the house... I need that. I need that other place where I can...
        Kate: What? Hang on. That other place? I'm pretty sure we're supposed to be the place.

      • Kate: Try describing to your husband exactly what it feels like to have a child. It's just impossible. A friend of mine once said, 'Take an umbrella. Shove it up his ass. Open it and pull. Then he'll know.'

      • Kate: He [Paul] was really the first person who tried to understand me. And I... (begins to tear up; takes tissue from Gina) Thank you. And I just remember feeling... very grateful to him for that. So it was quite a shock for me to realize that it wasn't about me. It had... it had fuck all to do with me, really. I mean, it was about him. (facing Paul) Because you don't actually understand me. Understanding me is not about subtext. It's not about the subconscious. It's not about reading some kind of an x-ray, you know. It's just so clinical. Actually, it's worse because you use it against me. You think you know what I mean before I've decided I know what I mean, and how am I supposed to argue with that?

      • Kate: I hate that that's what I've become. Just the patient married to the doctor.

      • Kate: Are you telling me you've fallen in love with some patient that you're treating?
        Paul: You have your insurance guy. You don't get to play the outraged wife here.
        Kate: He's not an insurance guy and you know it. Thank you for another one of your stupid, painful jokes.

      • Paul: (to Gina) I forgot to tell you, she quit therapy on Monday.
        Kate: Well, good. Now you can fuck her without worrying. Or losing your license.
        Paul: Or maybe now, I can try to save our marriage or what's left of our marriage, which, apparently, isn't very much.

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