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HBO (ended 2010)





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  • About 7 years ago I asked myself what is wrong with television. I thought it was the central focus on action rather than characters, and I was partially right.

    I thought that the ideal TV series would be a series about characters that are not idealised, enlarged, or spiced up through action scenes, props, and fancy special effects. "In Treatment" is that series.

    Through this series I have discovered another dimension of character development, the vision of the subconscious mind it presents, that makes a whole bunch of other tv shows suddenly look 1-sided.

    When Paul explores why his patients feel the need to fight in a war, to have wild sex, or to act in an egoistic way, I am floored each time by how this process exceeds any addiction to sex, violence, and heroism so often leading modern television.

    "In Treatment" is groundbreaking in more than one way. I did find myself bored during about 2 episodes out of the 43 in season 1 - but I suspect that was due to me not expecting such a raw and uncompromisingly unique experience that this series allowed. I am concerned about Season 2 living up to the expectations that this season has set. I hope it will, and if it does, then "In Treatment" deserves an even higher score.