In Treatment

Season 1 Episode 13

Sophie - Week Three

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2008 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Paul questions Sophie regarding her parent's breakup and the relationship she is currently pursuing with her coach.

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  • Sophie reveals some big information

    It was only a matter of time before Sophie admitted it, and I didn't think it was going to come this early, to tell the truth. About halfway through the episode, in the middle of a session that finds Paul and Sophie being more honest and forthcoming than they had ever been before this, Sophie finally admits she had sex with Cy, her coach, and that they would've done it again if he hadn't stopped her.

    This scene was done perfectly; the rising crescendo of the music in the background, Paul's shocked face as Sophie explains it all, and Sophie's reaction to Paul's reaction. The fact that Paul was able to control himself for the rest of the session and bring the conversation back to her parents and her accident was great. Paul is still a good therapist, despite all of his issues with Laura and his own personal issues with Kate.

    I really liked the fact that he called one of Sophie's parents after she left.. If she finds out that Paul is calling her parents, she will be furious, even if he is allowed to break confidentiality for things like this. I have a feeling that Sophie's admission will really open things up for the rest of the season.moreless

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    • Paul: 'Insipid'. That's a good word.
      Sophie: I read thesauruses for fun. I'm not a freak, okay? I just like words.

    • Sophie: Is that what people are supposed to do in therapy? Sit around and whine over all their problems?

    • Paul: Grownups can forget. Children can't.

    • Paul: I'm not a magician. I don't know anything more than what you've told me.
      Sophie: I fucking hate you! You never say what you really mean. You know, you're just like all the rest of them. Why can't anyone ever tell anyone else the truth? I can't listen to any more of your stupid bullshit words.

    • Paul: Is there anywhere else that you're happy?
      Sophie: On the beam. I can spend hours walking back and forth -- Dive, dive and swish.
      (a few moments later)
      Paul: You feel safe up there?
      Sophie: Yes.
      Paul: You know you can't live up there forever. You have to come down, eventually.

    • Paul: Whatever way the cookie crumbles, you're still to blame.
      Sophie: How old are you?
      Paul: What do you mean, how old am I?
      Sophie: People really don't talk like that any more.

  • NOTES (1)


    • Sophie: 'I'll huff and I'll puff and I'll blow your house down.'

      The line comes from Three Little Pigs, a children's fairy tale about three pigs who built each of their houses from straw, sticks, and bricks respectively and a wolf who tried to take their houses down.