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In Treatment

Season 2 Episode 29

Walter - Week Six

Aired Monday 9:00 PM May 18, 2009 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Paul tries to get under Walter's skin and find his more vulnerable personality, in order to help him move forward.

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  • Walter Week Six.

    Wow, Paul finally broke Walter down and got him to cry in the office. This was a defining moment in the series, and was one of those rare gems where you see such a powerful character be shattered in front of your eyes. Think Chuck Bass of Gossip Girl being nice. Yeah, it is that rare.

    I said during Week 1 that I was really excited for this particular session and storyline and so far it has not disappointed. Outside of one bad week Walter usually provides for the best episode of the week and one of TV's best half hours period.moreless

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    • Natalie: (to Paul prior to Walter's session) He's doing much better.
      Walter: Thank you, Natalie. (to Paul) They wouldn't let me out of the loony bin without an escort.

    • Walter: I've never felt patronized by you. You respected me, I respected you. We're equals.
      Paul: I haven't really gotten that sense from you before, to be honest.

    • Paul: You're doing it again, Walter.
      Walter: What?
      Paul: Bullshitting me. Now what is it that you want from me?
      Walter: Out. I want out.

    • Paul: (to Walter) I think you've been running so hard for so long that you haven't had the chance to check in with yourself.

    • Paul: (to Walter) I can really understand... what that pain was like, how it must have seemed unbearable... without end. And how, in that moment, you thought you'd found a solution. A way out of a hopeless situation. But, you know... I think that... the worst night of your life has passed, Walter. You've survived it. You've been given a second chance. And the void that you felt, maybe the void that you still feel can be filled... and that there's a possibility of renewal.

    • Paul: You're a human being.
      Walter: I'm not supposed to malfunction, Paul, that's for other people.
      Paul: But not Walter Barnett. He's a Superman. Isn't that what your wife used to call you?

    • Walter: Come on, you know everything. Just tell me what you fucking think.
      Paul: I don't think you want the crisis. But I do worry you have no idea what to do when you're not in one.

    • Walter: You want me to connect to that part of myself that... that fell apart, that... crumbled under pressure? Why would I do that?
      Paul: Because, Walter, I don't think that's the part of you that crumbled. I think that's the part of you that wants to live.

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