The Inbetweeners

Season 1 Episode 2

Bunk Off

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 01, 2008 on E4
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Episode Summary

Will, Simon, Jay and Neil decide to bunk off school and attempt to buy alcohol with Will disguised as an adult. They head to Neil's house to get drunk after succeeding, and Simon has an alcohol induced revelation about his next door neighbor Carli.

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  • Will continues to struggle to integrate with his new friends as he misuses a frisbee, insults his friend's father and unwittingly traumatises a small child. Meanwhile, Simon plans to win over Carly by getting completely drunk.moreless

    This episode never lets up. While most of the episodes leave the audience with a time to breathe and gather their thoughts between laughs, this one never stops. Completely politically incorrect, this installment makes use of Will's naivity and longing for respect to engender hilarious results.

    Highlights include the frisbee incident, Will's third attempt to buy alcohol (only this time it's at an off license), his attempt to reject the label of 'brown noser' by insulting Neil's dad, his evocation of trauma upon Carly's little brother and Jay's continuous lessons on the opposite sex.

    If this standard can be maintained, roll on Series 2!moreless
  • Another great episode

    This is becoming one of my favourites, it's absolutely hilariuos! I seriously almost peed myself when Simon threw up the third time (trying not to reveal anything) I just want to watch all the episodes back to back now, but then what will I watch? It's so funny how Will for the second time, when attempting to buy beer, comes back with something completely different plus food. At least this time he got some monetary contribution from his friends... I want to see more of this show, I hope it keeps this standard. It happens way too often that the storylines run out, but I think there are so many stupid things going on in a persons life at that age, so I'm hoping not.moreless
Cameron Stewart

Cameron Stewart

Off License Owner

Guest Star

Dominic Applewhite

Dominic Applewhite

Andrew Cooper

Guest Star

Deo Simcox

Deo Simcox

Chris D'Amato

Guest Star

Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Mark Donovan

Recurring Role

Emily Head

Emily Head

Carli D'Amato

Recurring Role

Robin Weaver

Robin Weaver

Pamela Cooper

Recurring Role

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    • Will: I don't brown nose anyone!
      Simon: You do a bit...
      Will: (angrily) Good manners cost nothing!

    • Simon: Maybe I do love Carli. She's gorgeous, she's smart. She's amazing!
      Will: Probably worth mentioning to her then mate, if that's the way you feel.

    • Will: Did you say you go away on holiday in a caravan?
      Jay: With the caravan club.
      Will: In a caravan. Like a gyppo? If my mum told me we were going caravaning, I'd call Child Line.
      Jay: Shows how much you know. It's a sense of freedom that you don't get with other holidays.
      Will: It's a sense of sh*tting in a bucket in a cupboard you don't get with other holidays. In England. With your parents.

    • Simon: Have you wanked over Will's mum?
      Neil: No...not yet.
      Will: Please don't have a wank over my mum.
      Neil: I can't promise that, I'm afraid.

    • Neil: We could get hold of some birds.
      Simon: Yeah, let's get hold of some girls! Great. Where are all the girls?
      Will: At school.
      Jay: Well, we'll wait for them to get out then.
      Will: So we're not gonna do anything until half three? We could've just gone to school then...

    • Neil (trying to find his dad's porn magazines to prove he's not gay) I dunno where they've all gone...
      Will: Maybe he swapped them all for an ABBA box set.

    • Neil: What's a liqueur?
      Jay: It's what benders drink.
      Neil: Well why have we got that then?
      Simon: Because we're heading back to yours and it's your dad's favorite drink.
      Neil: My dad's not bent.
      Simon: He is a bit though...
      Neil: He's fucking not!
      Jay: Let's look at the evidence. One, your mum left him because he loves c*ck.
      Neil: That's not true. She was in a difficult place!
      Will: Yeah, in bed with a bender.
      Simon: Your dad, who is a bender.
      Jay: Two, he wears tight denim shorts to do the gardening.
      Simon: And the only night he goes out all week is Wednesday and that's to play badminton!
      Neil: Well my dad's not bent, because he's got hundreds of porn mags at home. And it's all straight!
      Simon: All straight?
      Neil: Some lesbian...
      Simon: Well I think we should go and have a look at it in that case.
      Neil: Fine.
      Will: This should be good. I bet it's about 90% cock.

    • Will: So, in Simon's dad's suit and looking a bit like a hasidic Jew, we headed for the off license...

    • Neil: (as Will and Simon run in) Alright?
      Simon Not really.
      Neil: Why, what's up?
      Will: Well, think back, Neil. Last time you saw us, before you legged it, a frisbee was heading towards a disabled girl's face.
      Neil: Oh, did it hit her in the face then?
      Will: Bingo!

    • Donovan (seeing Will trying to get his frisbee back from the disabled girl he accidentally threw it at) Oi! He's trying to nick that girl's frisbee!
      Will: (running away) It's my frisbee! I've got a receipt!

    • Neil: (pointing at girl with large breasts) Check out the Juggasaurus Rex!

    • Will: We're playing frisbee because girls can join in. Trust me, girls love this.
      Simon: Border collies love this...

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