The Inbetweeners

Season 1 Episode 1

First Day

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM May 01, 2008 on E4
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It's Will's first day at his new sixth form college. He previously went to a private school, but since his dad walked out on his mum he's had to downgrade to the local comprehensive. And if his life already wasn't tough enough, Will hastily makes enemies out of his head of sixth form and the school psycho. In an effort to fit in, Will attaches himself to what he considers an average group of boys and tags along with them as they attempt to get served in a pub for the very first time.moreless

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  • Brilliant!!

    I knew nothing about this show when I watched the first episode today, I was positively surprised. It was genius! The characters are realistic, although you could argue that Will is a bit too witty for his age, I mean, clever remarks to every insult thrown at him. Also the kids at the school seem rediculously keen on commenting on some new kid passing them in the hall, but maybe that's how school work, I've forgotten... I'm not sure how blokes their age talk to each other, I for one (being a girl) have never called my friends those things, but I think it's absolutely hilarious! Too bad these british comedies always end after like 2 seasons, this is a show I could watch every day!moreless
Anabel Barnston

Anabel Barnston


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John Seaward

John Seaward


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Richard Hart

Richard Hart

Surly Pupil

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Henry Lloyd-Hughes

Henry Lloyd-Hughes

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Greg Davies

Greg Davies

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Emily Head

Emily Head

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • The address of the person on Jay's fake license is real, though it actually belongs to a building contractor, "Bay City Homes".

    • The "fake" Australian driver's license possessed by Jay is actually a very convincing fake. The only things that give it away is the blue bar at the top, which is indicative of a FULL license and can only be possessed by a person OVER the age of 21(18-21yo has a RED bar, indicative of a probationary license), the expiry date is BEFORE his birthday instead of after, the expiry is only 2 years instead of the minimum 3 years and the fact that it's missing the inverted triangular hologram of the state's symbol.

    • When Will sits on the toilet you can see that he is wearing a second pair of underpants besides those at his ankles.

  • QUOTES (24)

    • Mrs McKenzie: He seems nice.
      Will: He's the shool's psycho who's just threatened to kill me!
      Mrs McKenzie: I'm glad you're making friends.
      Will : Do mums ever listen?

    • Simon: (protesting about having to look after Will) But sir... Look at his blazer, for starters. He's got an actual briefcase. His shoes are clumpy, his hair's a bit gay and that badge... I mean, the badge alone...

    • Will (narration): (about the badges new kids are forced to wear) At least I could discuss it with my head of sixth, Mr. Gilbert. He seemed an intelligent man.
      Will: Mr. Gilbert, you seem an intelligent man.
      Mr. Gilbert: Oh, I seem intelligent. How lovely of you to say.
      Will: No... I just meant...
      Mr. Gilbert: I've long since been insecure about my capacity for learning, so it's nice to have it ratified by you...a child.
      Will: What I meant was... Do you really think these badges, that single us out as new kids, are a good idea?
      Mr. Gilbert: Yes, and if you have any more views on it, I suggest you join the school debating society. Obviously, you'll have to start one first.
      Will (narration): Oh, my mistake. He's a wanker.

    • Will: Good evening, can I get three pints please?
      Barman: Do you have any proof of age?
      Will: You have my word.
      Barman: Any ID?
      Will: Look, my father has left my mother, and I've been forced to go to a comprehensive school. I've attached myself to a fairly average group, and all I'm trying to do is make a few new friends to make life bearable. You're human, you understand that. Now perhaps you could pour me three non-alcoholic lagers and we won't tell anyone about it?

    • Barman: (reading Jay's fake ID) Brett Clement?
      Jay: Yep.
      Barman: You do know this is an Australian driving license?
      Jay: Yep...
      Barman: So you're Australian?
      Jay: (in an Australian accent) That's right mate.

    • Will: (in the pub) Doesn't a pint seem like a lot when you think about it? I mean, you wouldn't drink pint after pint of orange squash, would you?

    • Will: Sorry I'm late.
      Jay: Fingering your mum?
      Will: Let me think... No, no, I wasn't.

    • Neil's Dad: Here's ten pounds. Promise me, you won't spend it on the fruit machines.
      Neil: I can't do that, I'm afraid.

    • Jay: (about Will's mum) I'd f**k her.
      Will: Thanks very much.
      Jay: But I would though... Wouldn't you?
      Will: Well as she's my mum... No?
      Jay: But if she wasn't...
      Will: She is, though, so...
      Simon: But what he's saying is "if she wasn't your mum, would you f**k her?"
      Will: Oh, are we still doing this?
      Neil: So you would f**k her?
      Will: Noooooo.

    • Jay: I've got a fake ID that says I'm eighteen.
      Neil: But you're not eighteen...
      Jay: Yeah, that's right, Neil. It's a fake identity.

    • Will: (narration) I still hadn't managed to shake the freaks. It's not like I was aiming high, I just wanted to be friends with someone who didn't have a badge on...

    • Passer-by: You're gonna die here, Will.
      Will: Okay...
      Passer-by: That briefcase makes me want to punch you.
      Will: That's nice.
      Passer-by: What a spastic badge.
      Will: That's been pointed out already...

    • Passer-by: (mocking Will's badge) Oooh, I'm Will.
      Will: Yup, thanks very much.
      Passer-by: Oooh, hello Will.
      Will: That's very nice, thank you.
      Young passer-by: Nice badge, dick head.
      Will: Lovely, you must be what... year eight?
      Passer-by: Oooh, I'm Will, I've got a spacko badge.
      Will: Spacko? Super, that's not even on the badge.
      Passer-by: Briefcase-wanker!
      Will: Oh, a baggage-themed insult. Thanks, mum, thanks a bunch...

    • Will: That Gilbert... What a tosser. "Oooh, I'm Mr. Gilbert. I'm such a big, huge, massive freak and I just love to suck the headmaster's balls..."

    • Jay: (standing outside a pub, talking about the prospect of not getting served) It'll be fine, relax!
      Simon: There is nothing relaxing about this, if we don't get served, I will be humiliated in front of the girl I've lusted after since she was eight.
      Neil: You fancy eight year olds?
      Simon: No, Neil, our families are friends, we were both eight.
      Neil: Yeh, but you still fancied an eight year old.

    • Simon: (Voiceover, as the scene shows Simon checking his hair in the mirror) Of course it turned out, we couldn't reinvent ourselves without our parents noticing.
      Simon's Mum: That's a lot of gel you've got in your hair, smells quite strongly, too.
      Simon: Why are you telling me this now?
      Simon's Mum: I'm just mentioning it, I can see you've got a lot in, that's all.
      Simon: I don't- I mean, I can't wash it off now, can I? I've not got time. God, I don't know why you are like this sometimes!

    • Will: Did you have to pick me up?
      Will's Mum: I just wanted to hear about your first day! I like your badge.
      Will: Why did you tell them, I got bullied at Laraston?
      Will's Mum: I thought you were.
      Will: No I wasn't, I got wedgied a couple of times. but that was just a fad.
      Will's Mum: Oh, well, they wanted a reason and that's what sprang to mind.
      Will: Instead of "I can't afford the school fees anymore"?
      Will's Mum: Yes!

    • Will: Hi, Simon.
      Simon: Alright, (to his friends) this is Will.
      Will: Nice to meet you.
      Jay: Oh, briefcase.
      Neil: Yeh, briefcase.
      Will: Yes, it's a briefcase.
      Jay and Neil: Ooh, briefcase!

    • Simon: (regarding the plans they had made for the evening) Might not go to this thing tonight, I'm pretty knackered.
      Neil: We've just had ten weeks off.
      Jay: Yeh, but he's just spent the last ten weeks wanking three times a day, that's why he's knackered!

    • (Whilst Simon is at the urinals, Donovan stands next to him and starts peeing)
      Donovan: What the fuck are you doing? You trying to look at my cock?!?
      Simon: Heh, good one.
      Donovan: Fuck off!

    • Jay: I'm just really good at shagging now, that's all I'm saying.
      Simon: Bollocks!
      Neil: How d'ya do it best then?
      Jay: Just deep, try to get really deep, right up to the balls.
      Neil: And do you put the balls in?
      Jay: What?
      Neil: I've heard you've got to put the balls really to make it work.
      Jay: Yeh, can do, some girls like it, some don't.

    • Will: Could we please stop talking about my mother's vagina!

    • Simon: Girls always get served. As soon as they get t***s, they get served!

    • Will: (narration) They do say, whatever doesn't kill you, makes you stronger...except polio.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Simon: I'm going to stay with Supergrass here.
      Supergrass are an English alternative rock band from Oxford who enjoyed considerable success during the Britpop era in the mid-90s. "Supergrass" is a slang term for an informer, and Will has just "grassed" on the entire sixth form for underage drinking.