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    THIS IS THE GREATEST SHOW EVER!!! finding another show with such a great cast from top to bottom from Simon to Donovan to Mr gilbert these actors are surprisingly good, just stunning to see such a complete cast for a television series that only went 3 very very funny seasons. The Inbetweeners is an authentic comedy show-
  • Amazing, but sad

    The show was absolutely amazing, Funny, character building, and just fun to watch.. what makes me sad is that the TV series ended after just 18 episodes... a show like this should of have at least 50-60 episodes. I did See the movie, the movie was really good, but they jumped through and missed an entire season or two between the series and the movie.. Hope to at least see 1 more movie made by them...
  • Funny... But too sexual...

    Well, It's funny, at times, though some teenagers aren't like this to be fair, and the show can get far too sexual... Seems they have to use sexual things to make a show funny these days. *sigh*
  • I want to hear from Inbetweeners fans

    I'm a PhD Student at Ohio University, and I'm interested in what fans of The Inbetweeners think of the different versions of the show. If you'd like to offer your perspective, I'd love to hear from you.

    I'm conducting online interviews through IM, it should take about 10/15 minutes.

    Your thoughts will contribute to work looking at US remakes/adaptions of UK TV shows.

  • Absolute Genius!

    I just watched all 3 seasons back to back, this show is just so damn funny that i'm almost lost for words. The antics, the vulgar, the comedy = Perfection. Can't wait for the next season.
  • Just brilliant...

    Painfully reminiscent of my own teenage years, The Inbetweeners is an unbelievably funny look into the lives of four awkward teenage misfits. Very cleverly written and very funny, it's a show I can watch over and over again and cry with laughter just like I did when I first watched it.
  • A classic, unforgettable adventure chronicling the transfer to a "dumber" education, as well as the awkwardness of growing up

    The Inbetweeners was a show about a boy named Will who, following the divorce of his parents, is forced to transfer over to a public school over from his original prestigious private academy. On his first day, Will is faced with problems regarding his posh private school nature clashing with the more lowbrow environment of public school. Not wanting to be considered a freak, he meets his own group of people to hang out with - three kids who all have unique personalities of their own. Simon is a somewhat shy boy with a hopeless crush on a girl who he had known for years, Jay is a sex obsessed person who constantly brags about sexual escapades that are obviously made up, and Neil is a dim-witted boy who always says the weirdest things. Together, they all get into crazy misadventures that always lead to Will learning a lesson at the end. Although some episodes are better than others, all of the episodes are all brilliantly written and funny in their own way. Jay, is by far, my favorite character. His constantly use of bad language and masturbatory/sexual references are always good for a laugh. My favorite moment of his has to be when he heard a rumor that a town they were going on a field trip to had a lady who has a fetish for schoolboys, and so he surveys different women around town to find her, EVEN going as far as hitting on an elderly woman running an ice cream stand, resulting in him getting slapped or yelled at. Simon is a great character for exploring the more sweet side of the show. While his language and overall demeanor is just as crude as the rest of the characters, there was a certain amount of empathy you felt for him regarding his problems such as his crappy, outdated car as well as his crush on Carli D'Amato, a friendly girl he knew since the age of eight who only sees them as a platonic friendship. The school's head counselor, Mr. Gilbert, is also a great character. He is a rude and vicious tyrant who take absolutely no crap from any of the kids and sometimes even goes as far as ridiculing parents on occasion, which is always entertaining to watch. But I, of course, have to give Will credit for being a complex and well developed character. The viewers just roots for him to find his place in with his new friends, as well as life in general to just get better for him.

    In short, The Inbetweeners was a fantastically written British comedy that has quirky and well developed characters and entertaining plots to boot. It is a shame that the show had gotten cancelled after only eighteen episodes and a movie - I would honestly like to see more. MTV did an American port of this show, which I tried watching, but gave up after about two episodes. Don't deprive yourself of this brilliant comedy - go on YouTube now and start watching. You won't regret it.
  • The Inbetweeners

    The Inbetweeners is a fantastic show and i find it hillarious i wish it would come back for series 4 or at least the two specials they said they would or maybe even the inbetweeners movie 2 i dont care when just please e4 I NEED MORE!
  • In 1 day I finished the 1st season

    The Inbetweeners is genius. The personalities of all the characters are all accurate. Being in high school at the moment, how they talk is act is identical to most of the guys in my school. I love this show! It's sucks that I live in the United States, watch this show and can't talk about it with my friends because they have no idea what I'm talking about. I need a British friend, or at least someone who watches this show. I recommend it to everyone!!! You know a show is awesome if you're able to laugh out loud with a laugh track. Thank you Britain for having good programming.
  • Fantastic, possibly the 4 craziest horned up freaks you could possibly relate 2 the show week by week continues to impress. If your 16 to 30 then im sure you could say one of your freinds acts like one of the guys.

    The Inbetweeners is a BAFTA nominated British sitcom about a group of teenage friends struggling through sixth form at school. The show was the first comedy specially produced for the digital terrestrial television channel E4. E4 originally aired the first series in May 2008, and Channel 4 also broadcast it in November that year. The series follows Will (Simon Bird), who left a private school to go to Rudge Park Comprehensive due to his recently divorced mother's financial troubles. It is set in a typical suburb in outside London. It gets its name, The Inbetweeners, from a social class of teenagers – people who are not cool enough to be popular but not geeky enough to be nerds, therefore leaving a group of people in between.
  • I can't wait for this comedy to return! This is laugh out loud humour which comes as a light relief from the overly depressing never ending episodes of Skins.

    I can't wait for this comedy to return! This is laugh out loud humour which comes as a light relief from the overly depressing never ending episodes of Skins.
    You can't watch this show without laughing at the awkwardness of Simon and his slick gelled hair, Neil's goofy nature, Jay's unhealthy obsession with women, sex, women, sex and Will's perfectly manicured geeky persona. The hilarity lies with the fact that all four believe that they are sophisticated, mature and God's gift to women. Far from it. They are the losers of their year and any attempt to act adult ends in wretched disaster, i.e. getting thrown out of a club after examining Neil's privates only to find that their car has been clamped.
    The producers capture perfectly the pranks, the shame and the awkward moments that accompany those final years of school. The worry over being ID'd at the pub, the absolute shame of being left alone at a party, and the face reddening embarrassment of chatting to the schools Barbie, Carli in Simon's case. Hopefully the producers will be able to continue to execute the same comedy in the future, "I went to fart and instead, sh*t myself," (Will).
  • Brilliant show but when will it be back!?

    I first watched this show when it came out. It was a bit strange at first but I soon fell in love with the way it was written and the characters. :)

    Then surprisingly it ended after just six episodes :( I was quite stunned but thought logically and came to the conclusion it was a pilot series and thus 6 episodes were a trial to see if it took off.

    Clearly it did and about 1 to 1.5 years later the second season was aired. Again it was just as awesome and I heard more about it from friends and reviews on the internet. This clearly suggested that it was a popular show.

    But yet again was heartily disappointed when there was only a small number of episodes. For some reason they didn't decide to do a 'full' season. Why this was I don't know.

    So if and when they do a 3rd season I'm sure they'll take a while about filming and then airing it and then disappoint viewers with a lack of episodes.

    Therefore even though this show is epic and I will watch it when the new season comes out. I am upset with the writers/directors/programmers lack of commitment to the viewer!!!
  • What a fantastic show, and so like real life.

    I think this is a fantastic show, it seems so like real life, i can so imagine everything in the show happening and i have met some people like many of the characters. The other big teen show, Skins is really good but all the drugs and everything seem a little over the top but with the inbetweeners i can very much see someone going into an off license trying to buy booze and so pretending to be older and coming out with something rediculous and crisps of course. Some of the story lines are a little weird but i just think the characters are great, and the show just works so so well.
  • Every few years a show comes along that surprises you. I heard about the Inbetweeners, but was in no rush to watch it. It sounded like a juvenile comedy version of skins.

    Every few years a show comes along that surprises you. I heard about the Inbetweeners, but was in no rush to watch it. It sounded like a juvenile comedy version of skins. I am so glad that I tuned in for an episode. It literally takes one episode to get you hooked on this show. Yes the humour is purile, but its executed so well that you find yourself laughing out loud. The characters are all genius and the acting is brilliant. Everyone will have a favourite whether its the robotic imbecile Neil or the foul mouthed liar that is Jay. This also passes the gender test as my partner and other female friends find it hilarious. I highly recommend this show and I can't wait for a new series.
  • Keep your Freaks, your Geeks and those guys from Superbad - I've found my own bunch of lovable outcasts.

    Will, an irritatingly posh private school student is now sent to comprehensive school and finds himself struggling to fit in. Things get a little less painful when he meets Simon, Jay, and Neil, who all unfortunately happen to be just as big a bunch of losers as he is. Together, they go through life hungry for sex, parties, and booze...all while making asses of themselves along the way.

    Now, as an American, I'm exposed to two different sides of teen life on TV: The glossy, pretty, popular suburban elite and the pasty, pimply, socially awkward losers. Usually, I'm attracted to the first set and try not to care for the other, but this show may get me to change my mind. Sure, we had stuff like 'Superbad', it's just that The Inbetweeners just makes me laugh harder. All in all, just a funny-ass show!!
  • Four teens one goal

    This show is my guilty pleasure I am absolutely hooked on it and would describe it as American pie the TV series every episode is cringingly funny there's no weak links amongst The cast the writing is consistently good I cant pin point one weak episode as I have enjoyed Them all equally yes the humour is very crude but a pretty accurate portrayal of teens from when I was One I don't know whether its close to today's teenagers but I would highly recommend this show to everyone I hope this carries on beyond the school setting and moves on to the next stage in there lives But like most good comedy's in Britain we might get one more series (series 3) I hope this isn't the case
    now im off to have a good think about wills mum
  • Very funny

    I remember seeing the adverts for this and being most underwhelmed by them. However, during some late evening channel-flicking I came across it, not knowing what it was at first, and was really surprised. It was very funny; effortless, realistic, observational comedy that you could well believe actually exists in the exchanges between teenage boys. Even the embarassing bits are funny, and you know the characters will just bounce back from the humiliation that at least one of them faces (sometimes unknowingly!) each episode. The characters are a good mix and there aren't quite steroetypes so I enjoyed relating them to people I knew when growing up. In my opinion, it's slim-pickings where the good English sitcom is concerned but this is definitely one to watch.
  • I love it!

    I've been waiting for a new great british comedy that isn't unconfortably embarrassing and makes you constantly cringe, not mentioning names of other great shows taking place in an office and a hotel for example. Obviously this show does make you cringe at times, but it's a comfortable cringe in comparison. I love this show, and I hope they keep it up, the storylines, the series, the individual characters. It's all brilliant, can't believe I didn't discover this earlier. I'm happy I did though, and without any anticipation, leaving me utterly and positively surprised. It's just a show you can't miss, I know I won't.
  • Hilarious teen comedy

    The inbetweeners is absolutely hilarious.. Will, The geeky new kid. Jay, the ladies man (supposebly) , Simon , the nice guy and Neil, The random one . All the episodes are extremely funny and always good for a laugh ... The lads become friends with will when he joins the school rather luckily as he just kind of decides that they are his friends now. The caravan episode was really funny with jays dad. With Will going skidding and being bullied by ten year old kids. With Neil showing us his dance moves and wrecking the cars interior and Simon being misled by jay with a girl..
    Really funny show
  • A story of a geeky lad joining a state secondary school A truthful but hilarious account of life as a teenage boy when your life revolves around alcohol cars women sex sex and even more sex oh and of course your mates and thier sex lives.

    This programme had me laughing in the first 5 monutes the main character will is so geeky he may as well walk around the school with kick me attached to his back. He then pushes himself into a group of friends simon who is hopelessly in love with carly, neil who lives in cuckoo land, and jay who is obsessed with sex to put it politely.
    The comedy is watching them strive to become cool guys who attempt to get laid at every available opportunity but as you can guess lots of laughs and spills along the way. from puking on your crushes little brother to getting everyone in your year and above getting chucked out of a local pub because you cant get served and telling the barman well this is not fair he is 16 she is 16 and his mum still buys him his trousers.

    watch it love it and rate it

    a brillaint show
  • Sheer genius, I have waited a while for such a funny show to come out and it is finally here

    Some would see this as vulgar and simple but actually it's a very accurate portrayal of male teenage mates and what they get up to. There are some absolute classic moments from this show which infact I reckon lots of people will be able to relate to, especially the dad in the caravan incident and the I.D'ing in the pub. It's the new Skins but better I would say, Skins seemed to focus on the really screwed up teenage population whereas this relates to everyone, I just hope that they will continue this on, it would be a gigantic mistake to just leave it at 6 episodes.
  • A geeky kids moves to a new school and wants to hang with the cool kids instead of the geeks. He makes friends with people and their goal is to get drunk , sex and many messed up things.

    Only 4 episodes so far but everyone of them are funny as hell. Even though its really funny and defiantly worth a watch i don't see this show going far. The story is kind of plain and you seen it all done before. You get to like the characters and the acting is fairly good. I actually don't know what to say here just trying to fill 100 words here come on i can do it. Good show give it go i know it'll make ya laugh. Watch it on E4 Thursday night at 10.00 maybe 10.30 not to sure.