The Inbetweeners - Season 1

E4 (ended 2010)


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Episode Guide

  • The Dance
    Episode 12
    As chairman of the homecoming dance, Will embraces his chance to impress Samantha, Simon aims to sweep Carly off her feet, Jay tries to win Brie back and together the guys make it a night to remember.
  • Spa Time
    Episode 11
    A school car wash hosted by bikini-clad Carly and friends puts Will face to face with his new crush and Simon in a position to finally win over Carly and a trip to a local day spa provides the search for a happy ending.
  • Xmas Party
    Episode 6
    It's the end of the school term, and Will has been voted chairman of the Christmas prom. He was the only person who actually wanted the job, but he's still taking it seriously and has roped Simon, Jay and Neil into helping. It's a big night for all of the boys, they all have something to prove. Will, to his school; Jay, that he can be a DJ; Simon, to Carli; Neil to his teacher. There's a lot at stake, and naturally they do their best to make a mess of everything.moreless
  • Caravan Club
    Episode 5
    Will, Simon and Neil call Jay's bluff and agree to go to the Camber Sands meeting of the Caravan Club to see, if it really is as 'fun' as he makes out. Things soon start to go wrong when Will skids, Jay lies and Simon makes an extraordinary choice on a first date.moreless
  • Girlfriend
    Episode 4
    Will finds out that going to a mixed sex school isn't too bad after all, as he pulls the most popular girl in the year above.
  • Thorpe Park
    Episode 3
    Simon has his first driving test and promises to take Will, Jay and Neil to visit Thorpe Park to ride roller coasters and pick up girls. There's only one problem with his promise - Simon is a rubbish driver.
  • Bunk Off
    Episode 2
    Will, Simon, Jay and Neil decide to bunk off school and attempt to buy alcohol with Will disguised as an adult. They head to Neil's house to get drunk after succeeding, and Simon has an alcohol induced revelation about his next door neighbor Carli.
  • First Day
    Episode 1
    It's Will's first day at his new sixth form college. He previously went to a private school, but since his dad walked out on his mum he's had to downgrade to the local comprehensive. And if his life already wasn't tough enough, Will hastily makes enemies out of his head of sixth form and the school psycho. In an effort to fit in, Will attaches himself to what he considers an average group of boys and tags along with them as they attempt to get served in a pub for the very first time.moreless
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