Inch High, Private Eye

NBC (ended 1974)


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  • Season 1
    • Inspect Till Death
      Inch High is sitting in his office contemplating his retirement. He is think that he might have had enough crime fighting for his lifetime. He is forced in on at least one more case when a group of thugs return to town looking for revenge from the little private eye that sent them to jail.moreless
    • Diamonds are a Crook's Best Friend
      Mrs. Gotrocks is just opening her safe when a shadowy figure tries to grab her entire collection of diamonds. She is able to close the safe just in time to save them. She places a call to the Finkerton Detective Agency which in turns calls Inch High. He has Gator retrieve the electric hushmobile so they can begin protecting the jewels. When Mrs. Gotrocks shows Inch High the diamonds the lights go off and the jewels disappear. Inch High is now on an investigation to find the jewels before they disappear forever.moreless
    • You Oughta be in Pictures

      Inch High goes after the villain who tries to steal the diamond necklace. Unfortunately he gets caught in a book and has to get through the courses to get into the real world again.

    • The Smugglers
      The Smugglers
      Episode 4
      The shipyard has become a magnet for criminals and thugs. The biggest problem is a group of smugglers using Zappos Imports as a cover for their operation. Inch High is able grab one of the crates but discovers that it is empty. Inch High is told to go on vacation and stay away from the investigation but comes up with a clue and investigates anyway. What are the empty crates for and will Inch High be able to figure it out in time?moreless
    • Counterfeit Story
      The Last National Bank discovers that the money in their vault has all been replaced with counterfeit cash. It is the third bank in a week that has been hit by the counterfeiters. Inch High discovers that Mr. Midas is behind the crimes and sets out to catch him.
    • The Mummy's Curse
      Inch High is on his way to Egypt to investigate reports of a mummy coming back to life and creating havoc.
    • The Doll Maker
      The Doll Maker
      Episode 7
      Spumoni, the great doll maker has made an army of dolls with which he plans on using to steal all of the fur coats in town. Inch High and his Finkerton Detective Agency pals only have 24 hours to stop him.
    • Music Maestro
      Music Maestro
      Episode 8
      The great conductor Marieso Manufique is about to perform his last concert before he retires. Inch High has noticed a pattern of crimes when compared to where the symphony has been performing. Inch High is running out of time to prove his case since Manufique plans to leave the country directly after his last show.moreless
    • Dude City
      Dude City
      Episode 9
      While at a dude ranch, Inch High mixes in with a group of criminals and shuns his friends. When he discovers tht they are criminals, he devises a plan to stop them and reunite with his old friends.
    • High Fashion
      High Fashion
      Episode 10
      Inch High must devise a plan to stop a fashion designer intent on kidnapping his only competitor.
    • The Cat Burglars
      The Cat Burglars
      Episode 11
      Every famous work of art in the world is being stolen and the police are baffled. Inch High is ordered to guard a copy of the Pink Lady which is traveling on a train to Chicago. The real painting is traveling on a separate train to confuse the crooks.
    • The World's Greatest Animals
      B.T. Farnham wants all of the world's greatest animals for his circus. Since none of them are for sale, he has his henchmen steal them for him. Can Inch High stop the crime spree and return the animals to their rightful owners?
    • Super Flea
      Super Flea
      Episode 13
      A scientist invents a super detective in the form of a mechanical flea which threatens to take Inch High's job. The super flea is stolen and it's now up to Inch High to find hime If he doesn't he will be fired, if he does he will be replaced. Can Inch High find the missing flea and keep his job?moreless
    • The Return of Spumoni
      The evil Spumoni returns to town to get revenge on Inch High and his friends. He is, of course, the great dollmaker. He plans to steal a valuable "Pichelangelo" statue that is being guarded by the Pinkerton Agency.
    • Inch High Special at 8.00
      Once again the heroes are getting manipulated and it's up to the heroes to save the day.