Inch High, Private Eye

NBC (ended 1974)


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  • Inch High Private Eye... That's it!

    Now, I don't remember seeing the original series because I wasn't alive but I saw all of the 90's reruns, so I'm somewhat qualified to comment on the series. It was your basic Hannah-Barbera cartoon, but it's never mentioned, it isn't remembered. Hell, at this current point in time this is the only review, and there is no forum entry. O.K it only had one series, and there are many other Hannah-Barbera cartoons that overshadow it but that's no reason for there to be no mention of it.

    Inch High was the private eye at The Finkerton Detective Agency. People could hire him and his team, a group of teenagers much like Scooby Doo, I suppose, to solve mysteries and such. Inch High was an inch high, so some of the time he had to be carried around by a woman or the dog ( Braveheart ). And when the crime or whatever was solved they would end with a catchphrase or something lame, I can't remember exactly what. But it's basically Scooby-Doo, with different characters.

    Or though were there many Hannah-Barbera cartoons from the 70's that were forgotten, this was one of the good ones. Agree with me or not, as a child I did enjoy it, and that's my view.