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  • Season 1
    • From Here to Motility
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Between an Egg and a Hard Place
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Last Straw
      Last Straw
      Episode 7
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Face Your Demon, Semen
      Episode summary coming soon.
    • Sex, Lies & Sonograms
      Malcolm gets flak from the rest of the staff after he refuses to help a woman who is about to go to prison. Meanwhile, Patrice finally confesses to having switched the sperm sample, and Nora gives Rachel some sex advice when her date with a former flame does not go well.moreless
    • Balls in Your Court
      A strange custody battle erupts over the frozen sperm of a dead basketball prodigy.
    • To Surrogate With Love
      As the staff tries to deal with the death in their midst, it falls on Rachel to try to keep the clinic running, and she still hasn't told her son about her decision to become a surrogate mother herself. Meanwhile, Nora and Malcolm continue to butt heads, and Patrice continues to try to track down the source of the anonymous e-mails she has been receiving.moreless
    • Secrets & Thighs
      Secrets & Thighs
      Episode 2
      The couple from last episode who's baby turned out black are back with a vengeance, and seriously want revenge. Patrice is getting blackmail emails. The doctor brings in an old colleague to help the minister and his wife conceive, but the procedure may be illegal. The clinic owner decides to help some of her friends when their surrogate backs out a week before the procedure.moreless
    • Pilot
      Episode 1
      A white couple using a surrogate mother to conceive get a shock when the baby turns out black. The owner of the fertility clinic used a sperm donor to have a child. A private who lost his wife wants to have a baby with her eggs, while using her sister to carry the child. A gay couple are using a surrogate to start a family, but one of the men is stalking the surrogate mother. A minister and his wife are having trouble conceiving and she suggests using another man's sperm, but not telling her husband.moreless
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