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Aired Friday 10:00 PM Sep 23, 2005 on NBC
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A white couple using a surrogate mother to conceive get a shock when the baby turns out black. The owner of the fertility clinic used a sperm donor to have a child. A private who lost his wife wants to have a baby with her eggs, while using her sister to carry the child. A gay couple are using a surrogate to start a family, but one of the men is stalking the surrogate mother. A minister and his wife are having trouble conceiving and she suggests using another man's sperm, but not telling her husband.moreless

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  • THIS is supposed to represent what happens in an infertility clinic?!?! On Mars, maybe. Inconceivable is an opportunity (to inform and entertain) wasted.

    In the first 20 minutes they featured nothing but wealthy suburbannites at their worst including a pathetic verbal attack on a ref at a youth soccer game; the use of a questionable surrogate to bear a child who, when not born white, is abandoned by the bmom and prospective parents; ridiculously suave, overconfident and arrogant LA docs; and a lunatic relative wanting to bear the child of her dead military sister?!?

    Come on, new parents and desperate patients passing each other in frenetic, clogged hallways? How insensitive is that? THIS is supposed to represent what happens in an infertility clinic?!?! On Mars, maybe. Inconceivable is an opportunity (to inform and entertain) wasted.

    No amount of dramatic license can excuse this show's proffering of myths, sterotypes and rumors as the prevaliling wisdom/reality.

    Unlike other medical dramas, this show insults the thousands of people and couples struggling with infertility (and associated issues) and the dedicated medical personnel that treat them (not pump them for cash as the show intimates).

    Truly, I'm stumped. Who is the target audience for this show?? I'm guessing it's the same as the target audience for ER or Desperate Housewives. But that viewer demographic typically knows or has known someone who has gone through infertility issues and for most of them, nothing about the issue or the treatment is as crass or insipid as this show suggests. If this program is supposed to be something your average middle-class woman can relate to, it's a miserable failure.

    The only positives I can point to are 1) a child's need to know something of his origins (bio father) were acknowledged and 2) the ultimate reunification of the unwanted bi-racial child with the bio father.

    All in all - I'm hoping for a quick and painless cancellation!


    And I got it! WOO HOO! Apparently, the producers and network were inundated with negative feedback via message boards, surveys and emails from medical professionals and patients in the infertility community. Glad to know the execs ears are working even if their brains aren't (at least they weren't initially). How this crappy show ever got on the air is beyond me. An infertility clinic could be the setting for a great drama - there's a lot of emotion and angst inherent in infertility treatment so no need to make up far-fetched hooey (as this show did) to create even more. There's enough ignorance and negative stereotypes of infertility treatment as it is without a half-baked show portraying people's worst nightmares as reality.


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