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Incredible Crew
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AIRED ON 4/11/2013

Season 1 : Episode 14

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    News Briefs: The CW Bumps Up the Premieres of The Originals and The Vampire Diaries

    Plus: Gravity Falls gets good news, a real housewife is in trouble, and Lindsay Lohan will guest-host a talk show.

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    • Terrible Crew

      Or Incredible Crap. Cartoon Network, what the fuck were you thinking when you decided to air this BS?! You are CARTOON Network, not Live-Action Network. It is also a rip-off of Nickelodeon's classic show, All That, which was good. This is not. Glad it was cancelled back then. One of the worst shows Cartoon Network ever had along with its other live-action shows, Uncle Grandpa, Secret Mountain Fort Awesome and Problem Solverz.moreless
    • Absolute garbage.

      Horrible acting. Terrible plots. Stupid.

      There, I just summed up this show in 5 words.
    • All That is WAY more better than this horrible piece of garbage!

      Come on Cartoon Network, don't try to turn into your main rivals: Nickelodeon and Disney Channel, where you have both animated and live-action shows. Why do you call yourself Cartoon Network? Oh yeah, that's right! BECAUSE YOUR NETWORK IS FILLED WITH CARTOONS!!! I can't believe Nick Cannon would ever make a show like that (even though he used to be in a sketch comedy back in the day). Jeremy Shada doesn't belong in this show, he belongs in Adventure Time. These girls, I don't have a problem with, they are hot! ;-) But anyways, I hate this show! It's stupid, dumb, unfunny, and thank god it's cancelled!moreless
    • tried to be like All That, but failed

      Agreeing with DisneyVillian, the only thing that made me pay attention to it was Running Errands with my Mom with Jeremy Shada(voice of Finn from Adventure time)
    • This Sucks on so many levels.

      I have actually only seen the lunch boxing and hand unsanitier scenes from YouTube and I gotta say, that is the lamest stuff I have ever seen. The jokes are unfunny, nothing makes me laugh, the Running Errands with my Mom music video was the only redeeming thing I've seen, but only because it was sung by Jeremy Shada and even then it is still the WORST music video I have ever seen, unless the Piratz Revenge video on YouTube counts. This show should not even be aimed at small children cuz some of these jokes are sick and disgusting. This show appeals to absolutely nobody.

      Also ltrainferry, like Mr. Enter once said, we're reviewing this piece of crap because it is a kids' show. If I was babysitting and this was still airing, I would not make them watch it because this is incredibly stupid. Instead I would make them watch something that's better written, like anything from the Disney Renaissance, Teen Titans, or Batman: the Animated Series.moreless

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