Incredible Games

BBC Two (ended 1995)


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Incredible Games

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Incredible Games is a BBC children's game show that has teams of children competing in "Crystal Maze" style games in order to win the grand prize. The game begins when competitors access the tower through a talking lift called "Sam" (Gary Parker). As the children go up the lift, they compete in a number of games to reach the penthouse. Some of the games include "Dark Knight" (Simon Shelton), where competitors have to navigate a chess board without getting ambushed by The Dark Knight; "The Alphabet Soup" game, where after being "shrunk," children swim to find alphabet letters to create words and gain additional prizes and "The Victorian Schoolmaster" where contestant teams have to answer a series of questions correctly or get "gunged" by the schoolmaster's magic stick o'gunge. Once remaining competitors win a certain amount of games, they literally go through the penthouse roof and win the grand prize.