Animal Planet (Mini-Series 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • No Escape
      No Escape
      Episode 6

      An engaged couple settle into a house together, when suddenly, something seems off. Clinking sounds are heard, and they start seeing bugs. These bugs, which turn out to be honeybees, soon take over the house and are even found in great numbers, dying in the house. A married couple is preparing for their first child, when suddenly, something seems off. Brown stains are discovered on the wall and brown specs on the floor. Strange sounds are heard around and inside the home. Initially, the problem is believed to be caused by termites, but after the house gets fumigated, it becomes clear that bats are actually the source. Worse, these bats have been rumored to carry rabies. A group of friends move in and settle happily together in a rental home. Bugs have been a common thing, but they start finding giant wolf spiders in the house. Even with pest control treatments, the spiders are bothering the friends. It even turns out that the spiders came in due to a previous rat infestation.

    • Creeping Terror
      Creeping Terror
      Episode 5

      A married couple is living happily in a house located in the wilderness, until suddenly, the husband senses something strange. He starts discovering nearby wildlife dying and even sees a black widow spider. They discover that brown widow spiders have infested their property. A married couple and their children are settling in a spacious rental home, but have trouble cooling themselves off in the heat with their air conditioner. Even worse, though, scorpions start crawling around inside the house. A mother and her daughter settle comfortably in a house with their two dogs. Suddenly, though, the daughter starts hearing strange noises. Then, she and her mother then start smelling an unpleasant odor in the house. At first, they believe it may be a skunk, but it becomes clear that rats are actually the cause of their problem.

    • Feeding Frenzy
      Feeding Frenzy
      Episode 4

      A married couple and their two children have been living happily in the countryside, until they suddenly hear a noise from outside. Initially, it doesn't seem to be a big deal, but the house soon becomes filled with a strong odor emanating from underneath. The odor is so unbearable that it drives the family out. The family discovers that the source of their troubles is the skunk. A woman settles in a house in a new state with her dog and roommate, until she starts hearing noises. She gets a glimpse of an animal running in her house and smells a strange odor. The woman becomes shocked to find that rats have invaded the house. A single mother and her twin sons settle into a new home, only to be struck with a disturbing issue. One of the boys starts itching and developing bumps, and the other soon gets the same problem. It becomes clear that the house has become infested with bedbugs.

    • Houses of Horror
      Houses of Horror
      Episode 3

      A newly wed couple settles into a rental house in a nice neighborhood with their new baby. When the husband/father suddenly starts hearing strange humming sounds, he becomes suspicious. The source of the humming is initially mistaken for fly, but the couple discovers that it's actually bees making the humming sounds. It becomes clear that bees have made a hive in the walls of the couple's home. A woman moves into a large home and is planning a housewarming party, when suddenly, she discovers a scorpion. At first, the issue seems minor, but the woman starts discovering more and realizes that bark scorpions have infested her house. A married couple and their three children are happily settled in their new home, when suddenly, the husband/father develops pain and a fever. It's discovered that brown recluse spiders have invaded the house.

    • Surrounded
      Episode 2

      A newly unemployed father and his family settle into a rental home when suddenly, strange noises are heard. The son discovers a strange bug, which gives off an unpleasant odor. These same bugs, which turn out to be stink bugs, start invading the house, getting onto everything and stinking up the place. To combat the stink bugs, the father turns to science and makes devices to catch them. A newly divorced mother and her daughter have been happily settled in their new home, until they suddenly start hearing strange noises. The mother and her father soon discover that the source is the possum. A married couple settling in a new neighborhood with their children has trouble keeping their kitchen clean, with strange marks around. It becomes clear that cockroaches have infested the kitchen. Unfortunately, these cockroaches spread throughout the rest of the apartment.

    • Midnight Terror
      Midnight Terror
      Episode 1
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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