Infinite Quest

Season 1 Episode 2

Episode Two

Aired Monday 5:00 PM Apr 13, 2007 on BBC



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    • Baltazar: The Doctor's going to find me the Infinite. Going to find me my hearts desire. And then I will have my revenge.

    • Martha: Are we going on a quest then?
      The Doctor: No. The Infinite stays lost, nothing more than a legend. As the last Custodian to the secrets of the universe it's my duty, to see it stays that way.

    • The Doctor: Let's just say that there are things out there in space, Martha, things that pre-date our reality. Relics from the dark times.
      Martha: Oh, a fairy tale.
      The Doctor: Oh, far, far more than that. There was a time when the universe was so much smaller than it is now. A darker, older time of chaos. Creatures like the Racnoss, the Nestenes and the Great Vampires rampaged through the Void.
      Martha: And this Infinite, is one of those relics from the dark time?
      The Doctor: It's said that if anyone were to find the Infinite they would receive their hearts desire. And frankly, that's quite a thing to receive.

    • Caw: He [Baltazar] seeks his hearts desire. And knows how to find it.
      The Doctor: He does?
      Caw: The Infinite.
      The Doctor: Oh, that's just a legend.
      Martha: What is?
      Caw: Baltazar thinks different. Thinks he knows how to find it.
      Martha: Find what?
      The Doctor: The Infinite.
      Martha: Yeah, I got that. But what exactly is the Infinite?

    • Caw: (on Baltazar being released from prison) He'll be coming for Caw. Caw sold him out. For a bar of gold. Or three.
      Martha: What do you need gold for?
      The Doctor: He eats it.

    • Martha: (gazing upon a planet populated by giant birds) I've died and gone to Bill Oddie heaven.

    • The Doctor: Yes! Six hundred and seventy million miles an hour...and a bit. Rock on!
      Martha: You're just a boy racer, aren't you?

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